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  1. @Probemaswhat does your name mean? Probemas, probe-mas, probe-more? Or is it Prob(l)emas? As in problems?
  2. Cool script. Been on any good hiking trails recently?
  3. Eliot


    This script changed my life.
  4. Three months later, still broken for me. It also can't mirror OpenOSRS, any plans to support that?
  5. Eliot

    MirrorClient v6.0

    I tried every possible combination I could think of and OSBot always kills Runelite when mirror tries to attach.
  6. @MGImirror mode is totally broken with Runelite, nobody I've talked to can get it to work. Please post an update and fix it. @Maxi@Zach @Patrick
  7. Even if this is all true, I would still vote Biden over Trump. In fact, I already did! Have a good Tuesday. You're a psycho overcome with apathy, voting has real impacts on people, if it doesn't affect you then consider yourself very privileged. Oh wait, you live in Netherlands and have absolutely zero idea what you're talking about.
  8. Sounds sick, I'm excited to write scripts for OSBot 3.
  9. Just do it! I felt the same way and making my first script was such a good decision for me.
  10. Wow, I can hardly contain my excitement!
  11. Why not just use areas? if (area.contains(myPlayer()) { ... }
  12. What info are you trying to get about the region?
  13. Y'all are too kind. Thanks! I noticed the background music was a bit loud after I recorded it, it was unedited so I'll just mute/lower desktop volume next time.
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