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  1. doesn't make any difference use stealth
  2. yes it's against the rules.
  3. I don't even have adblocker, i'm using google chrome with no plugins https://gyazo.com/fb0d32bb631c36118db0219d0406a64c not able to write any text in that box...
  4. @gamedex can't message you on here because it's broken, what's your discord?
  5. I've got a very nice 2k+ account and the owner of it is an admin from sythe, kinda over your budget but definitely as secure of an account you can get on the market atm
  6. lol 99 fishing is one of the easiest skills to bot, unfortunately with osbot it's one of the hardest skills to bot but that doeasnt mean 99 is entirely impossible
  7. Break randomize doesn't work and hasn't worked since like 2017
  8. Can do this for 400m, 9+ hrs a day
  9. What's your budget, i have 2 accounts that you'll be interested in
  10. nvrsince


    must be wc check xp
  11. you're most likely gold farming then, why else would you run multiple clients?
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