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Omar faroq

Alt-accounts banned.

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I recently bought the VIP membership just to use your bot without getting banned. I have been using the AIO mining bot and woodcutting bot on my alt accounts and they have been banned for macroing.


I spent my money to buy your special bot just to not get banned, but still I am getting banned. 4 of my alt accounts have been banned and this questions me of your membership offer.


P.S. I usually bot for like a maximum amount of 4 hours per 1-2 days.

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15 hours ago, Unclaimed said:

Botting on 4 accounts on the same IP is an insta ban dude, you live and you learn and now your IP is flagged forever son

This is definitely not true not sure why so many people believe IP flagging is such a huge deal. I have been botting on the same IP with up to 10 bots a day and they get banned periodically but if they were IP flagging they would all be banned way quicker than they are. You would see a huge difference in ban rates from when you initially started botting till now because they would be banning way quicker just by checking your ip.

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