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  1. Make an area and than check if the area contains the player. Area bankArea = new Area(3180, 3447, 3190, 3433); if (bankArea.contains(otherPlayer)) { // other player is in the area } https://osbot.org/api/org/osbot/rs07/api/map/Area.html
  2. Seems to be unaffected by the reaction value. Tried this but it didn't change anything, still getting the same random results.
  3. Mirror client version : (x64 to x32) v3.07.181 Console output / terminal output: NA Crash report if a crash occurred: NA Script that you ran: Self made not on sdn. Hooks that failed.: none JVM/Browser bit version (32 / 64) : (build 1.8.0_201-b09) - 64Bit While looking for GroundDecoration on mirror mode i always seem to get undefined results. Sometimes he finds nothing, sometimes he finds half of what he should find. If i run the exact same code on stealth injection i will not encounter this problem and everything will work as it should. private List<GroundDecoration> getAllDeco() { List<GroundDecoration> decoList = new ArrayList<>(); for (RS2Object object : getObjects().getAll()) { if (object != null) if (object.getClass().equals(GroundDecoration.class)) { GroundDecoration deco = (GroundDecoration) object; if (!deco.getModel().isOutdated()) // this line will make it break for mirror mode. decoList.add(deco); } } log("decoListSize : " + decoList.size()); return decoList; } The bug seems to be at if (!deco.getModel().isOutdated()) when this line gets removed there is no difference between injection and mirror mode. log from mirror mode. It should have print 7 every loop.
  4. Are you tired of getting banned? Do you fear the ban hammer on your near maxed main ? Are you looking for accurate ban rates but no one is willing to share them with you ? Fear no more this next tip will change the way YOU bot, it has a 100% chance to NOT get you banned for botting. /thread
  5. He wants to boot Osbot without an UI and just get the cli output.
  6. Yo eagle ran into a problem, I have a profile to plant fruit trees, normal trees, do allotments and herbs. Problem with this is he will try to take everything into his inventory all the saplings, seeds and compost. Making his inventory near full (1spot left) when he than goes to the first allotment he wil take the tomato from it and have a full inventory instantly. He notes the one tomato but this results in the same a full inventory. After that he just stands there. Is it possible he could bank for like herbs/allotments do all of those than rebank for fruit trees and normal trees. This way his inventory shouldn't be full and i can use my profile that farms most things at once. Also i prefer to NOT pay for the trees protection, its more expensive to pay for every tree patch than to let the tree just die occasionally. Could you add an option so we can chose to either pay for the protection or to not pay for its protection
  7. You might have a higher chance recovering the account since the autoclicking didnt happen on your ip(computer). The chance of getting a ban will not change though.
  8. That's not how it works. You don't know that you are muted since you will always see your own message.
  9. 270, 14, 38 should work. Edit: also make sure the widget is visible before retrieving it.
  10. Yeh just add timeout between the lines. One more thing, you have to remove the debug parameter because it will use your cli window. Edit: If you want to start multiple with debug enabled you can make a bat files that calls the other bat files. start call bot1.bat timeout /t 5 start call bot2.bat start makes it run in a new window and call "calls" the new file.
  11. You can add a sleep in a bat file. timeout /t 5 This should sleep for 5seconds.
  12. Dont bot using a vpn, get a private residential proxy.
  13. If you can do it with a good team/ people you know its pretty fast. If you got to go with randoms its hell though.
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