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  1. 15m for it all. Pm me if you're interested.
  2. Gl with this, might just try this out myself just not sure where to begin
  3. It is definitely possible, but I've heard that if you create it on a proxy and complete tut island on the same proxy you can log in from a different IP and it wont get locked.
  4. Lol he probably got someone else's accounts banned. Gf Weath
  5. Will be carrying out this order!
  6. Can do it all for 14m 07. Pm me your skype/discord if you're interested.
  7. enchanted gem. Get it from a slayer master.
  8. Did you manage any good gains before the bad news train arrived?
  9. Why in the world are runes so expensive in rs3 though?
  10. I think it happens when you create many accounts at a time
  11. Im quite sure you can get banned while logged in aswell, so best bet would be to mule over cash at regular intervals.
  12. Uhh what's the point of this? xD
  13. Yup. and also one of the easiest skills to bot
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