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  1. 82 > 90 smithing with gold ore price? Pm or below please.
  2. Paying via paypal, give me your price.. cheers.
  3. Sweet! I'm sure it'll come in handy for a few accounts, cheers!
  4. Hey mate any trials for this? Cheers.
  5. Can't even find it on a google search Unlucky brother.
  6. I’m not 100% sure as I guess no one really knows what they’ve got installed but seeing as no jagex moderator has any pvp experience it will either be a massive failure Or another opportunity for gold farmers to cash out on? I’ve got no idea tbh though lol
  7. Oh ye 100% as much as i'm enjoying the prices being this low for buying purposes i'm kinda sad for the game to see what it will become in a year-2 if prices do continue to drop. I'm expecting another price drop once this new cave update happens as rev's is completely dead and another prime sub inbound in a month? Games gonna hit an all time low if jagex don't get onto it now.
  8. If it hasn't been fixed, what makes you think prices will start to go up? If what you're saying is true, it won't be long till it's leaked to a few more people before it is fixed? Just my 2 cents. Everything always finds a way out to the public on osrs -.-
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