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2 Questions to the american osbot users here

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So I have seen a lot of discussion on news etc about stricter gun control in the US. So Im wondering how many assult rifles does the average american osbot user own and what is your opinion on gun control?

I used to think that the ridiculous murder rate in the us was related to having so many guns, but since switzerland has just as many guns per person but a murderrate that doesnt make it look like a 3rd world country i think america has no gun problem but a people problem.



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Too easy to get and own guns. An 18-year-old gets expelled on Friday can buy an AR on Saturday? Someone previously on the no-fly list can buy an AR? 

You can walk into a gun show, buy whatever you want and never have to show and ID.

The argument that "they will get them anyway" is complete trash. The fact of the matter is the last 3 biggest mass shooting in the US the shooter have gotten their guns from stores. 

The argument that we need AR's and military weapons in case the government turns on us, is fucking stupid. When the 2nd amendment was written the government had shitty guns and so did the people, fair game. Now the government has tanks, planes, submarines, drones, nukes. 

Anyway, I proudly conceal carry and am not for a weapons ban, but there definitely needs to be some drastic changes to gun laws.

I digress

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i have 0 firearems. and it's not the guns, it's the people honestly.

there's quite a bit of corruption and conspiracy in america as it is. people aren't fully aware, people don't question, and people follow blindly. the government wants us to continue to kill each other to keep us in a frightened/dependent paradigm. that way they can make their laws, flex their power, and collect profits.

that's how i perceive things here..

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I would say gun ownership in the us probably with an uneducated guess I would say not many people own assault rifles maybe 1-500 gun owners have one.  Majority gun ownership I would say is pistols including myself.    As a responsible gun owner and someone who supports gun ownership I 300% support tougher gun laws.  In my state I have to fill out a multiple page application and background check and I have any gun I want minus full auto. If I wanted to sell a person a gun in a private sell I dont need to see any paperwork just exchange money and go.  That needs stopped asap in my opinion.  We have a gang problem here in the US in major cities which jack up that gun crime statistics.

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" In order to purchase most weapons, the purchaser must obtain a weapon acquisition permit (art. 8 WG/LArm). Swiss citizens and foreigners with a C permit over the age of 18 who are not psychiatrically disqualified nor identified as posing security problems, and who have a clean criminal record can request such a permit. "

Thats the difference. In the US you can go to a gun show and pick up a AR15 with no background check. Fail that, you can order everything but a lower action, buy a 80% complete lower action and drill a few holes and you got an unregistered lower action. Most of the people I know with guns that probably shouldn't own guns got them through back channels like that. There is no psych test and Trump reversed a law where people with mental health problems can buy guns again (that is they have a known mental health issue and still can get guns). The problem is also a lobby (the NRA) that is too powerful and is used by the weapon manufacturers to make laws that allow as many guns to be sold as possible.

Thats my take on it. Guns are fun, but there should psych checks and security clearances to owning any semi-automatic weapon. In the US there is not at the moment in a lot of places. If you listen to our politicians though its all them violent vidya games and movies that do it, so the problem is never dealt with.

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