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  1. you are mindlessly abusing(suiciding) the most popular skills in the most popular spots in F2P and surprised that you are getting hammered? this has nothing to do with the VPN, your style should be refined good luck
  2. thank you, good to be back! wow i see now thank you a lot, saved me from lots of hassle thanks for the tip i will be looking out for the script cheers mate
  3. hey @Czar still in love with your script after all these years, I have a few recommendations though: - an option to save a profile, it is a pain in the ass to set it up everytime when it could just save a .txt - the blackjacking, could you revise it as it is utterly broken - any plans on adding the sorceress's garden minigame or making a separate script cheers
  4. .gearing is my discord to dicuss
  5. -if it wouldnt have a ban maybe 35-40$ so 175-200m -with a ban it is virtually worthless -unless someone wants to play it as a main
  6. i got you .gearing is my discord
  7. Hey there I am selling 10+ accounts with 85/95magic and 10HP that are 4+years old 1. Pictures of the account stats https://prnt.sc/i1tLIAcEbCkH https://prnt.sc/qzDWWXrPipia 2. Pictures of the account bans https://prnt.sc/G_r0TKibv3Wo 3. membership left (if there is any) 4. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address I am the creator and OO, email is fake Contact me via PM or discord: .gearing Cheers
  8. we can do these for you right away .gearing is my discord to discuss:)
  9. hey there, selling 2x 82/90 thieving+rogues outfit, .gearing is my discord to discuss cheers 1. Pictures of the account stats https://prnt.sc/wdP9KnsR3PD7 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) 0 3. Pictures of the quests completed https://prnt.sc/QvjuFmlFAX3Z 4. The price you will be starting bids at 33$ 5. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 55$ 6. The methods of payment you are accepting CRYPTO 7. Your trading conditions you first 8. Pictures of the account status https://prnt.sc/BGr8L_3si19- 9. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address I am the OO, email is fake
  10. the veteran rank already exists
  11. i can sell you the voucher should you still need one .gearing is my discord
  12. .gearing is my discord to dicuss
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