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  1. Hey guys so i woke up and got a email from paypal about a dispute the guy that did it is tuttifruity or something like that but i need help about what i can do to not get charged back xD i vidded the sale
  2. Looking to sell 07 gold for best rates that you can offer. (paypal) pm me or osbot chat Trusted only
  3. Just sold 60m for 0,90 went smooth and nicely Sold when gold stores were 0,82 so perfect!!
  4. Using mm in osbot chat only trusted people
  5. i would like to sell atm 25m mabye later 25m
  6. appie040

    £600 Laptop?

    There are alot of laptops tht work good on 07
  7. In belguim we don't shoot we fight with hands lel
  8. appie040


    Under 56 xD BOTTING Pays off
  9. Bond and a fresh account max 1 week old
  10. Boiiii don't say things that you don't know, I live in belguim and i'm brown nowhere in the world would i call myself jacob Yeah might do everything first and as last agility
  11. So basicly i'm willing to make like a extra zulrah account but i'm like slow as hell I'm looking for somone that could give me like a guide what to quests first and level first and how and what :p Would love to hear tips and tricks Btw i saw these 60/60/60 accounts alot do they build them at sandcrabs or? Lots of love Apx
  12. w they were on a banning spree iguess only for like 30mins xd
  13. Take breaks and goodluck don't bot on a fresh new acc straight away
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