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  1. I autoclicked numerous accounts to 99 magic. 10 hours a day roughly standing world 2 GE.
  2. Eyyy welcome to the anti-scam club :) 

    1. Imagine


      ehhhhhhh could have went about it better

    2. Sofakin


      mmm tell me bout it :/

  3. Had to look back and find the transaction and person. But yes 2 months ago when I started that was my train of thought.
  4. Hard to make a counter-argument when I have no idea what the evidence against me is. There is no interaction between me and this user on these forums, to begin with.
  5. LOL I should be on again later
  6. As many others have said, do NOT close your dispute.
  7. yes, you can also"buy prime" connect your account, get the skins and then cancel it and get a full refund
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