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  1. .3€/m preferably tikkie/sepa or crypto gearing#3065 or PM to discuss cheers
  2. Hello everyone Jagex decided to recommission my banned mule with a chunk of gold on it Thus; I would like to sell 412.3m 07 for iDEAL/Tikkie I can do increments of no less than 50mills in order to discuss; please contact me on my discord: gearing#3065 Thank you for your attention. cheers
  3. it will get rejected since only 2years have passed
  4. this is something that you have to experiment with and find out yourself, try to mimic human behaviour eg dont run agility hours on end moreover, do no bot an account that you value at all best of luck to you
  5. already enabled(set active) DO NOT stop after break those intervals are retarded though, i hope you are not botting an account that you value at all
  6. absolutely not true i botted 55-95magic on a main using apa alcherusing the good old stealth mode just this november bot smart if you care about the account
  7. you send in an appeal and they unban your account
  8. the risk-reward ratio was pretty shit on this deal never more than 10-15 vs about 20 minutes LMAO hopefully you used a proxy so you can claim that the bad men hijacked your account if not, you will be able to unban it 4/5 years
  9. get 75ranged if you are on a budget @fhhhphgjcompleted various capes for me
  10. you are best off building the account by yourself or paying someone no email is pure bullshit yes. OO can always recover buy off well-established members only -shiny ranks can be bought and charged back- preferably with paypal regarding chicksgold he ended up buying a beast med off me what kind of alt are you looking for? well shit
  11. the creator can always recover the acc, use paypal and pay for goods, that way you can potentially get your money back for half a year feedback and activity are good indicators of trustworthy people, but you are usually better to have one account trained that is created by you should you need a maxed osrs account hit me up here or on discord
  12. then dont bot, you are a bit late to the party, you could still buy an nmz script and do a few runs each day to get maxed combat, be warned if you get carried away you can lose your accs with ease
  13. it doesnt matter tbh; you will have a hard time selling it...
  14. if you check the account section there is someone selling them at 125$ea which made me chuckle i highly doubt that a hcim with not even 99 FM and 300crates would yield more than 30$
  15. do that, once you are banned for good I can sell you one LOL on a serious note: NEVER bot an account that you care about especially one with a 2 day ban
  16. so 110-220m+? if you buy twitch primes you may profit, with 5m a membership you will probably lose, note: without VIP you can only run 2 instances i wouldnt hand train accs that will end up banned anyway, pure waste of time tbh if you do not have a clue about what you are going to do; you are better off working irl, even for minimum wage lol best of luck
  17. obsidian gear for melee/void msb i + rune arrows for ranged
  18. try in 4+years or so/ use different email not entirely true as i managed to unban accounts that they refused to unban before, i just tried again like 2-3years later on the other hand, there is an account of mine with like 200m wealth on it that is banned for botting /a fucking mule/ , i sent multiple appeals, never received a single response
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