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OSBot 2.4.85 - Patches, Web Walking, New scripts, Promotions

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Currently set as a Development Build, check the Advanced User Panel for the download link. 



-Updated Inventory debug overlay

--Shows id AND shows noted id if unnoted, unnoted id if noted

-Added Web Walking link: Taverly Dungeon with Dusty key (reported by @Chris)

-Added Web Walking link: Taverly Dungeon obstacle pipe (reported by @Chris)

-Patched ItemDefinition returning incorrect noted and unnoted item ids (reported by @Xerion)

-Refactored Item getNonNotedId() to getUnnotedId() to match ItemDefinition

-Added Item method getNotedId() to match ItemDefinition



-Added Perfect Runecrafter

-Added Team Cape's Agility

-Added BotFactory

-Added Expert Thiever Lite



-Auron to Scripter I

-Manner to Scripter I

-Fruity to Scripter II


Happy mid-week botting!

-The OSBot Staff

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