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  1. Buying 100m any increment above 5m only have PP Looking for 0.98/m
  2. For 50m, i will put in 5 days of questing and training. Could involve upto and including (mith glove package - nmz package - quested 45 attack and trained to 50) would also involve all of the skills required for mith gloves and said quests.
  3. Pak Yak

    3 quests

    Pm'ing u on skype
  4. You've got quite the few imposters when someone tries to add you on skype u should probs report them or something?
  5. will do all of them besides runecraft for 50m
  6. how about the bone yard just south of vet'ion?
  7. Pak Yak

    3 quests

    Need: Priest in peril Haunted mine / What lies below Pricing individually or all together below Please don't pm me or request to talk on Skype unless i specifically ask u to. Account is 70/70/70 (18 mage) no prayer
  8. Completely random - ran over a client like say Osbuddy or official rs client? how random we talking here because it doesn't sound that random to me, random enough to be unbannable would be a completely random interval between x-x they either picked up a pattern in the shit you were setting (maybe setting the same intervals 2 frequently without noticing, or a stupid crazy amount of hours which is not humanly possible) Also if what you say is true and you lasted over 1000 hours, not doubting you here. Then your account would have been monitored a while. Hope that helps.
  9. Wrong question to be asking them don't you think? why don't u just ask them if u can pay the difference between your old sponsor for Lifetime Sponsor?
  10. Pak Yak


    Who are you? lol If u wanna compare likeliness of trust, it's clear i'm more trusted then some grey name, always will be. My decision was a question of morale, something people here know little about. So keep ur opinion to yourself noob. Moved on from zulrah quite a while ago now lul Good one tho
  11. your ava got seriously botched during production. just saying lol.
  12. Pak Yak


    Didn't do nothing.
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