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  1. been using the account creator and for some reason am having trouble getting the source to build properly in my intellij. Wanted to add a few custom parameters. Otherwise tysm it works great! also you should prob note that you need mozilla to run it
  2. im having startup issues as well, i have a log of the error codes when trying to run the program from the command prompt (windows 10) hopefully this can be easily fixed it appears to be more related to java libraries... should i downgrade my java/jdk/jre? I just recently installed them
  3. probably ~40m, 5 def is feelsbadman
  4. i have a maxed staker that i can sell for 160m
  5. any interest in taking on a project zerk?
  6. i want to win because i literally cant keep up with bonding my accounts!
  7. yeah prob worth around 500m, sick account
  8. looking for a ranged tank with venge, mm2 and rigour
  9. have you tried turning it off and then back on again?
  10. kyukyu


    recent ban wave on bottting zulrah, i had 3 accounts hit
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