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  1. Seems like my account got banned as well. Don't know if it was the repeated deaths or what but I honestly didn't expect it to happen so fast with a proxy. I only tried the script like 3 times, with first time doing it for an hour with 30 minutes play time and 20 minute breaks and the rest of the time I couldn't run it until the break came because the bot kept doing a bit too much my liking. A bit sad considering how good the script is despite a small bug lately but the people weren't lying about the high ban rate.
  2. Yeah it's stable, so in hindsight it's likely not the issue. The other seems to have posted a bug report similar to mine already.
  3. I am using a proxy so that might just be it.
  4. It seems like the bot dies because if you are low hp when acid phase starts and it starts walking towards the backline, it sometimes somehow eats up a fireball and since the bot doesn't eat before he starts walking the line, it simply gets blown up. The moment I wrote this, it walked straight into one of those big fireball and while trying to eat, he ate another one and died. Honestly at this point I think the script might need some tweaking
  5. The bot seems to be dying constantly to acid phase? I don't know why since it wasnt an issue before. Can't really run the bot atm
  6. Any possibility to add a function for the bot to tele if he runs out of food? Would make it possible to potential push for more kills per trip. Doesn't have to be anything complicated. Just make it teleport out when you run out of food or when you run out of food and your hp falls below a certain point.
  7. Sanders

    Inferno bans

    Does Jagex still closely watch for people who get someone else to do Inferno for them? My friend who lives couple of hours away from me in the same country wanted to try out Inferno on my account since his isn't maxed but I fear that if ends up succeeding then I will get banned and have the cape taken away. According to my research it feels like the account gets flagged the moment you complete Inferno on a different IP than on which your account was created. Of course it would be easy if he just came over but that's not really a possibility for a really long time and we also tried team viewer but it's simply too laggy. I honestly don't understand how some people do Inferno through Team viewer at all.
  8. Sanders


    Appealed and got unbanned
  9. Sanders


    My ban expired a while ago and I started botting again. Today I got a perm ban right away without any temp bans, so take it as you will.
  10. I keep running into several problems consistently like for example the bot saying that I don't have a RoD in my inventory when in fact, I do. That usually fixes when I pause the bot and I drop the ring and pick it up. Another one is that the bot gets stuck trying to search one of the entrances into the pyramid, like it will enter one of the entrances that doesn't have a mummy and then get stuck. That usually gets fixed by going into the right room and entering the minigame but it has become such a chore to always keep fixing it like this. Also I think it would be still a good idea to add an option to skip which floors you want to skip, because right now with 84 thieving I can access the 7th floor but the bot is doing everything so slow that I rarely make it to the 7th floor and lose out on a lot of exp. It would be nice to skip the 5th floor for example so that I can get more exp from 7th floor.
  11. I mean I botted my PK accounts since I am too lazy to level them up manually, so I do play with my botted accounts,
  12. As far as I know it's 200m, but Hannibal has not been logged in since August 22, so it's hard to verify if he is still willing to buy it, But I will say it's 200m and will sell to him when he responds unless I get a higher offer.
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