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  1. Authed Authed Authed I'll take another look tonight, thanks
  2. The script has updated on the SDN, could you see if this still happens? Thanks
  3. Did you try setting the run energy threshold setting to something higher than 15? This is just how OSBot's Web walker works. It runs until 0, rests until energy threshold reached. I can try adding some custom functionality
  4. Thanks pushed a fix, it will be available whenever SDN is updated
  5. Thanks a lot! With regards to the location assistant / map, I would be hesitant to add that functionality to this script, because it over-complicates the purpose here. I could build it out as a separate premium script to replace the location assistant. I can also take a look at the website performance at some point
  6. Authed Authed Please leave feedback here, or via PM. Cheers
  7. It enables run if the player has more than the specified run energy. However I can take a look at adding some more customisation to that
  8. Authorised, please leave feedback on this thread or message me directly
  9. Explv's Walker Pro The perfect walking script. Status: Beta Testing Price: TBD Beta details: Request to become a beta tester of this script by posting in this thread. Beta testers will be authorised to use the script for free up until release Beta testers will need to provide feedback (positive or negative), and highlight areas for improvement to the script, or new features they would like to see. Features: Click anywhere on the map (that your player can reach) and your player will walk there. Map displays a preview of the route that your player will take, including any boat charters, teleports, shortcuts, etc. Allows selecting multiple destinations on a path Option to repeat the path once complete Option to stop the script when the destination is reached Option to prompt the user for confirmation before proceeding to the next destination in the path Allows full customisation of OSBot's webwalking features. Toggle boat chartering / fairy rings / gliders / agility shortcuts / quest shortcuts / spirit trees / teleports Toggle checking bank / equipment / inventory for items Set run energy threshold Disable moving the camera Set click distance thresholds Save configurations to re-use them later CLI support, allowing you to load a configuration from a file [Other features requested by YOU] UI Preview: Please note that the script is still under development so the following UI is subject to change / improvement.
  10. Explv

    Explv's Walker

    Looking for beta users on the new version:
  11. Try loading it from a URL instead, or put the font inside the OSBot/Data directory and load it from there. Or, even better, download the font to the data directory, and then load it
  12. You can differentiate between them by the position of the object For example, one ledge is at Position(3011, 3343, 3), and the following is at Position(3012, 3334, 3)
  13. Explv

    Explv's Walker

    Work in progress
  14. Explv

    Explv's Walker

    Just checked, it's working fine now @Doalrian20 Let me know if you're still having issues. Thanks
  15. Explv

    Explv's Walker

    There was an update to the underlying map tiles. I did push a code change to update this script, maybe it hasn't been released yet. I'll double check
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