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  1. If I recall correctly, you do not need to disable randoms. You can override the break manager in isolation: getBot().getRandomExecutor().overrideOSBotRandom(customBreakManager) (Docs - https://osbot.org/api/org/osbot/rs07/event/RandomExecutor.html#overrideOSBotRandom-org.osbot.rs07.script.RandomSolver- ) Where your custom break manager might look something like: https://github.com/Explv/Explvs-AIO/blob/master/src/main/java/tasks/break_task/CustomBreakManager.java There is no way to get passwords through the API, as it would be a security risk. You have to consider local scr
  2. Read section 13 of this tutorial to learn about configs Funnily enough, it actually covers attack style as the example. Screenshots are a bit out of date and the OSBot UI has changed, but there is still a config debug view in the settings. TLDR: Config 43.
  3. Fixed in latest version (v3.2.7). Available on GitHub now, or on SDN whenever a refresh happens.
  4. Just pushed an update to the SDN & GitHub SDN will be available whenever it's refreshed GitHub working now Will look at other reported issues and fix now too.
  5. I would say it's more likely to be a scam than not. There's barely any information about it online, aside from their website (which makes some ridiculous claims)
  6. You're either missing the onLoop function which is required, or it has the wrong signature. See section 2 of the following: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/115124-explvs-scripting-101/
  7. Your Test class is importing a log function from a package that is blocked by OSBot's permissions. That's not the log function you want anyway, you want the one from the OSBot API. Remove that import and either pass an instance of MethodProvider to the constructor of your class, or have your class extend MethodProvider and call exchangeContext. See section 5 in this tutorial:
  8. "the problem is that I use: IF IF IF, ELSE ELSE ELSE but need to use if else, else if." At the risk of sounding rude, that's pretty nonsensical. I would highly recommend following some Java tutorials until you have a basic understanding of programming and logical constructs. You'll find that it's much faster to learn that way rather than waiting for replies on here. The best way to learn programming in my opinion, is to follow some tutorials, make things, Google when you get stuck, fix things yourself. Perhaps try writing out some pseudocode, so you can get a clearer idea h
  9. getInventory().contains(item1, item2) Returns true if either item1 or item2 is in the inventory. getInventory().interact("Eat", item1, item2) Uses the interaction "Eat" on either item1 or item2 depending on which item it finds in the inventory first. If you want to eat a Swordfish followed by a Pizza, you need to be explicit in your logic, i.e If not eaten swordfish Then eat swordfish Else Eat pizza To track whether you have eaten a swordfish, just store a boolean value in a variable, e.g. hasEatenSwordfish, and set it to true when t
  10. The OSBot app is a swing app, so you have to embed your JavaFX content within swing. You can do so using a JFrame + JFXPanel. For example: https://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/swing/swing-fx-interoperability.htm Or: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40110175/how-to-run-javafx-stage-scene-in-swing-application
  11. Hello old bean Are you trying to just walk to said tile? If so you can do it with a WalkingEvent: WalkingEvent walkingEvent = new WalkingEvent(new Position(3299, 3273, 0)); walkingEvent.setMinDistanceThreshold(0); execute(walkingEvent); Could you please also elaborate on what you mean by "neither of these methods work"? Does it not hover the tile? Does it hover but not click?
  12. Remove this: final Bank bank = new Bank() You don't instantiate `Bank`, it's already instantiated for you and provided via the MethodProvider. If you are in your main Script class, you can access it using getBank() Have a read through my tutorial if you haven't already, it might help you out a bit: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/115124-explvs-scripting-101/
  13. It's a free open source piece of software. You're more than welcome to modify it to work how you want to. It closes the client when the script exits, this is to support script chaining. If you want to change it, there's nothing stopping you.
  14. You can just set a boolean flag when you enter the house. For example: public class YourScript extends Script { private boolean hasEnteredHouse; @Override public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException { if (!inHouse()) { // If we're not in the house, enter it enterHouse(); } else { // We are inside the house, so we can set hasEnteredHosue to true // so that next time we enter the house, we can use the last visit functionality hasEnteredHouse = true; } return 600; } publi
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