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  1. also dont need to use item on fire, can left click cook on this fire.
  2. no Data accepted: [location=Rogues' Den, food=Raw karambwan -> Poison karambwan]. https://imgur.com/a/bBTlznW
  3. I havent done the quest. The only option available is cooked Karambwans but I was wanting them to be poisoned anyway. Wiki says its best xp , lvl 1 and 80xp each
  4. Karambwan cooking doesnt work. I think there used to previously be multiple options to cook karambwans and now only one? idk. it just clicks fire over and over
  5. Updated! Logger will say version 2.00 when update is live. • Item IDs - Script will now use item ids instead of item names to perform better on mirror mode. • GUI - Script will detect item to enchant from inventory and automatically fill out GUI for you. • Mouse - Added Fury custom mouse. Script will make Fury Mouse.txt file if not already made. This can be edited to customize the mouse movement profile. Will use this mouse across all Fury scripts with support. Can be found at OSBot/data/Fury Mouse.txt
  6. Updated. Script should now start again. Look for "Script Version 1.1" in logger to know update is live.
  7. FuryShark

    Time to go

    I have to leaveeee. May be back in a year if OSRS isn't dead by then. Goodbye frens :<
  8. Try buying Fury AIO Looter and report back to me what happens
  9. • AIO Looter V5.11 Updated BankSeller to not sell... Food listed in GUI, Selected energy restoration potions, antipoisons, selected teleports, looting bag notes. Logger will say V5.11 when update is live.
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