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  1. Done! gl also gave you grinder trial on accident x)
  2. https://imgur.com/a/pSgjSTo
  3. Updated. Death pile looting might be fixed now. Also fixed public discord noitifications being 5m minimum. Logger will read version 4.6 when update is live.,
  4. Done! gl. Id say very low. But feel free to join my discord server and ask actual users and not a biased seller lol Done! gl
  5. had that happen to me before XD
  6. Duel arena is just that good. 400m an hour! Updated to 24 hour average price instead of live price. Not all items have a price this way though. Items that are never traded on GE wont have a price. They are very few items though so wont make much different. Logger will read Version 4.5 when update is live.
  7. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/93776-account-selling-read-before-posting/
  8. Updated. Logger will read version 4.4 when update is live: You can now send loot notifications to #general in my discord server by changing the discord webhook to "public". This will use use your alert value if in the GUI its over 5m. Otherwise it will force it to 5m so the server doesnt get spammed. I also made it so when looting at the Falador party room it now makes use of the run back time to move to a random position in the party room after x time since last loot/balloon pop.
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