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  1. Stealth Quester , Fury AIO Looter, Juggles AIO Shop Buyer. My top 3
  2. https://osbot.org/chat/
  3. FuryShark


    Profit tracker is broken , removes coins correctly when making planks but log and plank prices arent added to it. It sometimes double trades the plank making man when your out of run, maybe your conditional sleep time needs increased : D pls fix @Medusa
  4. Fixed looting items if its not visible. Version 3.3 in logger when its live
  5. Done! gl ----- Updated, it will now drink potions again Logger will say version 3.2 when the update is live
  6. it does. Try restarting and making sure all your settings are correct. OP has spoilers explaining everything. If you still need help add FuryShark#0001
  7. p2p has no requirements
  8. Looter bot for sale $9.99
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