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  1. Working? if so Can i try it it out?
  2. Please close thread. It works for me now.
  3. Georgeee


    Needs a food option for low level pures (Shayzien Spot). They hit constant 4s. almost got wrecked within a few minutes of setting up.
  4. whats your break pattern when you run it?
  5. Selling 113M GP for $70 BTC
  6. Jagex has a mean bot detection, and probably gets better slowly with every other update. So switch it up, find/identify common mistakes you might be risking every time you bot, and prepare for the worst. its always a risk, otherwise dont bot, not to sound snobby. learn the system, then fuck it up. Humbly of course
  7. paid script? Sure, if you just need it for the convenience, otherwise I'd go a step further, and purchase a private script from someone personally. That is so there not a mass amount of people using the same script with the same movement as everyone else. Of course this is pricier but worth it for the extra security. Ask yourself whats your account worth and then ask yourself what would make me look less bot like, im sure your common sense will kick in and tell yourself to slow down.
  8. Request Form Request Description: Discussed in Discord Payment Method(s) that you can provide: BTC Timeframe: Tuesday Evening I agree to TOS
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