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  1. hopefully it features an option to remove sidebar, so the client dimensions are similar to OsBuddy? small but noticeable upgrades
  2. Anomaly

    Max stakers

    From a trusted source - 120-180/acc USD I think I have one, Veng OO, could sell it for 135$ if that works for you.
  3. just bot a couple hrs a day, talk to ur friends n shit, dont bot RC / agility / questing and do some manual tasks. Plenty of ppl max out gradually like that. Its when ur botting 3-4+ hours each day, w/ no manual input that jagex will hammer u
  4. usually the max is 2-3 days, esp over the weekend. Example: bot friday, Jagex see's it on their systems but its not enough for an auto ban, so they check on Monday and determine if you should get the hammer. =3 day delay. 7 Day is unlikely. You probably did something that triggered their systems within the 7 days.
  5. I can do this via bitcoin. Send me a PM on Discord. Anomaly#0373 233998344836349952
  6. Anomaly


    Karen asf xD
  7. my suggestion would be don't settle for under 350k /hr methods. GL
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