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  1. ~10m a month just to sustain my main and skiller
  2. This script really needs to be updated. Like all the other comments indicate, the activity is pretty bad and the ban rate is astronomical. I have better luck with level 3s using free agility scripts that with this on rested accounts. For $7.99, it's unacceptable.
  3. Jacksonpm23


    Nah, stealth injection, no CPU or RAM restrictions at all.
  4. Jacksonpm23


    Worked fine resetting for 30 minutes, then stopped resetting aggro against the swamp crabs and repeatedly clicking on two tiles apart over and over again until I stopped the script. Odd. Swamp crabs location A. No info from logger, only the "[INFO][Bot #1][02/12 01:50:55 PM]: waking up new crab [INFO][Bot #1][02/12 01:51:06 PM]: waking up new crab [INFO][Bot #1][02/12 01:51:18 PM]: waking up new crab [INFO][Bot #1][02/12 01:51:35 PM]: waking up new crab"
  5. Jacksonpm23


    Can I have a trial please? I already have scripts for all the crabs but I really wanna see how this handles swamp crabs. Thx
  6. @Czar's Perfect Fighter, @Apaec's AIO Cooker have both had insanely low ban rates. Never been banned with the latter, the former sometimes has to be watched (as all combat scripts do).
  7. Need your help please message.

  8. https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Also, did you have a bank PIN?
  9. I hope this is satire and no one on this site is actually that unbelievably fucking retarded.
  10. Barb training fishing (using another bot site's script)
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