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  1. messaged you on discord and we came to agreement, thanks and mods can close
  2. need 69-83 construction, please post your rates below along with your discord. Oak larders will be the method.
  3. your discord tag doesn't work, message me if you still selling the gold
  4. oTroll

    33-77 rc

    just post your offer in the thread so when i check this later i can compare prices
  5. oTroll

    33-77 rc

    Looking for a price check on 33 to 77 rc, I do not care how it is done as long as it is done in a reasonable time frame. Should you choose to do abyss, you can keep all profits and I will pay for supplies.
  6. Good luck friend, if your suicide flaxer makes it past 48 hours I'll teach you some tips my OG gold farmers taught me when I first started.
  7. I think at the end of the day you can't trust anybody on the internet. Honestly wouldn't trust anyone unless I knew their real identity/real location. I remember back in the day on osbot there was a famous mod that had a ton of popular scripts on the SDN. He was so trusted to the point that he could push scripts through the SDN without the code being reviewed. One day a lot of people got hacked and this mod ended up putting malicious code in his scripts that phished his users and probably made tens of thousands of dollars off the GP. You can never really know a person's true intentions until it is too late. Side note: People are mentally unstable
  8. From my own experience you should only use proxies if you run a bot farm, otherwise they're a waste of money. As aforementioned in this thread they can deter chain bans
  9. Anyone experienced in the black market of runescape will know that you never buy an account, rather make an account yourself and buy power leveling services. You pay more, but it's guaranteed.
  10. oTroll


    wheres my veteran status
  11. oTroll


    have fun and don't drink and drive
  12. must live in a white neighborhood if he can just walk up to someones door to buy cocaine
  13. Yea it'd be really good for someone who already has an infrastructure set
  14. I don't think the onyx will crash, rather the runes cost will raise
  15. good idea if true but too lazy lol, trading the runes between all accounts seems aids
  16. How would you go about getting the favor on a 10hp account? You could die in an instant
  17. Damn this dude had 100+ accounts? Thats fucking crazy... imagine the amount of times he could have scam quit lol
  18. oTroll


    Are you still looking for this? I'll be doing 4 if so. And if by some tragedy I take more than 14 days to complete will you reimburse the cost of the 2nd bond?
  19. I'd give you 10M and use the account to bot lol
  20. I don't think you should auto click though, I auto clicked over night at the G.E. and woke up at the Aubury rune shop and got banned the next day lol
  21. The way most people get their beginning feedback is working as a worker for the big service owners with tons of feedback. You put in a security deposit, work their jobs, and earn feedback slowly. Once you have enough feedback, you can detach and create your own service.
  22. I heard that after a certain amount transferred on paypal you will get taxed. The amount I heard was $9000. So if you transfer up to $9000 in a year, you will get taxed and the only legal risk you'd be taking is avoiding taxes . With that said, this is only what I've heard as I've never dealt with that much traffic in my personal paypal so idk if its true or not but I'm sure if you just use something like BTC you'll be fine
  23. http://prntscr.com/ga84j8
  24. oTroll

    buying 07gp

    paypal or bitcoin? I'm not selling just curious.
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