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  1. 15m +1m supplies - your bond (otherwise 19,8m) hisid1#0324 Only doing 2 at a time. No more or less. ETA: 48h
  2. can do this starting today hisid1#0324 - for discord
  3. @194m I hope he provides screenshots for those low prices.
  4. Can make you 4 Builds ETA 2-3 days Build 1 - 15m your bond + 2m supplies @Magy can use MM Discord: hisid1#0324
  5. Can start this in 6-8h > price is 45m
  6. Can do this. Pm my discord to discuss further: hisid1#0324
  7. Check your discord mate
  8. had an argument with him too - he had a quite rude and respectless attitude ... knew something was going on
  9. was it with breaks? if so, what setup?
  10. He was super rude with me when I got in contact with him to speak about his "worker" conditions. When I said I wouldn't want to pay 100m 07 as a deposit and asked if there is another way he responded to me a bit later with "Ok 75m is fine too". That response was already very weird - someone who does have a professional service /business sticks to his rules tbh. He started getting mad at me and I would waste his time etc. got me mad with his behaviour. If a customer treats you like shit, don't do orders for them / quit the job - edit your TOS. That's a really weak excuse.
  11. @TutIslander got recently banned - he scammed a few customers (see dispute archive) aswell as his worker @Erupt If you bought any accounts of these scammers, be aware that they might recover them. I am too nice tbh - I checked his feedback to see who bought accounts of him - will link you all here: @Divergent07 @youngthugga @mrjohnjones @Baklazanas @aliraj @Pitt @3ezi @ozeki6 @Magma @piscenian @florti1 @zachfreshh1 @Biggmoney @Protoprize @Eldrism @ownagge @vendicci @T4TT03D @1011 @Only Nature @Moolah @Y0m0 @Henrimaster9 @border22 @hreyvirtue @Searchy @Ates @nightcl4w @Skrizzly @Asalon @miquel1 If you appreciate my post - hit the LIKE button. You're welcome. Never scam - it's not worth it. You will regret it longterm. RiseOfRage
  12. what script did you use? How many hours did you bot per day with how many breaks?
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