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  1. All from a fresh level 3 no botting Non-Trusted you supply the bond/supplies, reimbursed on completion Discord; casperthekappa#2638 Account 1: paying $45 ea Mith Gloves Avas Package DT Pack Monkey Madness Account 2; paying $18 ea MTD Package 70/60/60
  2. My Discord; casperthekappa#2638 Need a few of these from scratch No Bots, Hand Done Must be willing to wait for a 3 day cooldown + pay for bonds and supplies (I re-pay for the bond) Paying $25 ea
  3. Casper


    So about 3 months ago. This user forgot that he never changed the registered email on the account after purchase. Ok no problem, I gave him the physical login email to the account + he had access to the account on his email. Now he is saying that is back on my email? Not sure how thats possible, when I gave him the physical email. Keeping in mind that this account, is the same one from the previous dispute. previous dispute; Also regarding the recovery info. I never provided him the info, nor have I provided any recovery info for any of the accounts I've sold. Giving out the recovery info only makes me more liable for the account. If this account is ever resold under the "trusted OO" title. I also haven't seen any proof of the account being locked. I am willing to help, however things don't really add up IMO. 100s + sold with no issues like this.
  4. bump need more! hit my line
  5. Add my discord $20 worth in btc??? Not sure whats hard to get. Also a $1.25 mil sounds right lol... 16x.1.25=$20 ?
  6. Lmk if you change your mind
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