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  1. can still offer this as well, just pm me 666fuckthecops#0666
  2. open to all offers for using my own accounts, vs having them made by you, etc. just give me some estimate prices in comments and if i like it ill pursure u in DMs.
  3. Drewyboyo

    B> BTC

    Trusted ONLY PLEASE DO NOT WASTE MY TIME TRUSTED ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY Need to buy either like 50 or 100$ in BTC but don't want to wait 2 weeks for the funds to verify in my wallet I have paypal F&F and willing to pay extra obviously for the conversion drew#2162 on discord , thanks !
  4. and i do kitchen work and asked off for the past 2 days because of temp/cough pog ?
  5. whatever people deem the value of suicide botting on it is due to feedback no one will pay a hefty sum especially since selling an acc under 100 post count is a violation on osbot (and the 0 feedback.)
  6. missing the slayer but VERY close to B Gloves (perfect starter main, has all cancer questing out of way pretty much) has ur melee stats just looking for 60m lmk
  7. Drewyboyo

    125 - 175 QP

    65m (since gold prices went down)
  8. yea just tried and auto changed, weird
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