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  1. Maldesto, I was not hiring someone to do quests for me, I was pointing out that that guy wanted me to do nature spirit on 10 of his accounts for 200k each which was stupid. I was trolling.

  2. Sold me 25m 07! Easy Trade! A++
  3. Hmmm.. I dont see any feedback for it. And I'm happy that you found someone to do it for you that cheap, congrats. As you can see above, everyone who said they would be willing to do it that cheap was either a scammer or ban evader. I don't need an order from you, I only deal with people who are sane in the head anyways.
  4. Hmmm, so you're the one who wanted me to do nature spirit for you for 200k............ LOL LOL everyone on this thread who said they would do it really cheap is banned now hahahahah
  5. That is the exact price, they are covering supplies and Im providing a bond reimbursed on completion.
  6. Already got many offers for 30m+ bond atm. So that's way too expensive for me.
  7. Service Requested: Big Bunch of Skills Payment Method: Gp Going First Or Middleman: Other Do You Agree To The T.O.S: Yes
  8. Yup, my bad, copy pasted that list :P And I've got a lot of much cheaper offers atm.
  9. Replied. Looking for more people, this needs to be done on 4 - 5 accounts.
  10. Will be done on an account with magic level above 55. Nothing else. 53 thieving 50 firemaking 18 slayer 10 fishin 30 ranged 35 fletching 55 woodcutting 61 crafting 45 herblore 52 agility 56 magic 50 smithing 60 mining 70 cooking Need all skills to be done by one person. Please post a price and time frame or pm me one. You will supply the account. I will put a bond on the account if I deem you trustworthy, or else you will put the bond on it and be reimbursed on completion. NO DEFENCE XP SHOULD BE GAINED.
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