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    ────────────── PREMIUM SUITE ────────────── ────────────── FREE / VIP+ ────────────── ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ⌠ Sand crabs - $4,99 | Rooftop Agility - $5,99 | AIO Smither - $4,99 | AIO Cooker - $3,99 | Unicow Killer - £3,99 | Chest Thiever - £2,99 | Rock crabs - $4,99 | Rune Sudoku - $9,99 ⌡ ⌠ AIO Herblore - FREE & OPEN-SOURCE | Auto Alcher - FREE | Den Cooker - FREE | Gilded Altar - FREE | AIO Miner - VIP+ ⌡ ──────────────────────────────────── What is a trial? A trial is a chance for you to give any of my scripts a test run. After following the instructions below, you will receive unrestricted access to the respective script for 24 hours starting when the trial is assigned. Your trial request will be processed when I log in. The trial lasts for 24 hours to cater for time zones, such that no matter when I start the trial, you should still get a chance to use the script. Rules: Only 1 trial per user per script. How to get a trial: 'Like' this thread AND the corresponding script thread using the button at the bottom right of the original post. Reply to this thread with the name of the script you would like a trial for. Your request will be processed as soon as I log in. If i'm taking a while, i'm probably asleep! Check back in the morning Once I process your request, you will have the script in your collection (just like any other SDN script) for 24 hours. Private scripts: Unfortunately I do not currently offer private scripts. ________________________________________ Thanks in advance and enjoy your trial! -Apaec.
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    @KnightOfZero should be fixed in version 1.55. The name was changed from "Baby dragon" to "Baby COLOR dragon"
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    ** $9.99 - 24 hour trials available - like and comment on this thread Don't pm me on OSBot or Discord to ask for a trial. Buy The Script Here Will loot items anywhere in game over the minimum price entered. Mouse teleports to items for instant looting Supports bank chests if in PvP worlds. Will automatically run to closest bank if attacked or inventory full. FAQ: • How do i get a custom area/fill in the GUI? Look in the GUI spoiler • Which settings is best? What are your settings? There is no "best" settings. If I told everyone what I think is the best settings then there will be way too many looters at once place to get any loot. The best thing to do would be testing new places and new settings until you find something good for you. Most common loot locations include highly populated worlds at the Grand Exchange for drop parties. PvP worlds at Lumbridge/Varrock/Edgeville/Grand Exchange. Bounty Hunter worlds. You can also get creative and try new methods... for example looting fish from power fishers or ores from power miners. • What is the ban rate? Very random and depends on what settings you use. I found higher minimum loot values to lower the ban rates quite significantly as there is less interactions with the game however this can lower your gp/hr as your looting less... GUI: CLI: Wilderness Looting: There shouldn't be a problem with crossing the ditch however if you it isn't working, an instant fix would be disabling the warning by talking to the Doomsayer in Lumbridge. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Doomsayer Bug Reports: Recommended places to submit bug reports in order: Discord -> OSBot PM -> In a reply here Things to include to ensure fastest fixes: Picture of client with paint enabled. Picture of logger (Settings -> Toggle logger). Picture of GUI settings. As much detail about the bug as possible. Suggestions: Recommended places to submit bug reports in order: Discord -> OSBot PM -> In a reply here Ideas already been suggested/working on: Waiting on tiles where a player has died. Discord/Telegram notifications for loots over x value. Falador balloon popping Fury AIO Looter Highscores Progress Reports:
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    #1 SOLD MAGIC SCRIPT #1 MOST FEATURES MAGIC SCRIPT ................................................................................................................................ Want to see how well this script compares to other scripts? Visit the Popular Page to see the list of scripts ranked by popularity! Thank you everyone for all the support and feedback, this script officially is the most sold magic script on the market! Since 2015 it has been continually updated all the way to 2020! ................................................................................................................................ Want to buy the bot, but only have rs gp? Buy an OSBot voucher here ESC MODE, HOVER-CLICK, NEAREST ITEM CLICK, FLAWLESS Anti-ban and Optimal script usage Anti-ban: - Don't go botting more than 3 hours at once, take breaks! Otherwise the ban-rate is highly increased! - Bans also depend on where you bot, for the best results: bot in unpopular locations Banking-related spells are the lowest ban-rate (spells which require banking or can be casted near a bank, e.g. superheating, maybe alching, jewelry enchanting etc etc) since you can just go to a full world and blend in with other non-bots (humans), for example: world 2 grand exchange If casting spells on npcs, then unpopular locations reduce the banrate by alot, So make sure not to go to botting hotspots otherwise you may be included in ban waves. - Some good areas used to be (until some got popular): grizzly bear, yanille stun-alching, any overground tiles (upstairs etc) but once the areas are overpopulated, try to go to another location which is similar to the aforementioned locations. This is a very popular thread with many many users so if a new location is mentioned, the location will be populated very quickly so I can only suggest examples of good locations - Don't go botting straight after a game update, it can be a very easy way to get banned. Wait a few hours! If you ever get banned, just backtrack your mistakes and avoid them in the future: you cannot be banned without making botting mistakes. Keep in mind you can be delay-banned from using previous scripts, so don't go using free/crap scripts for 24 hours then switching to a premium script, because the free/crap previous script can still get you banned! For more anti-ban information, see this thread which was created by an official developer: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/45618-preventing-rs-botting-bans/
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    Khal Motherlode Thanks to all of you, This is now one of the [Best] Motherlode bot! Main Bot Features Supports All Area Area Selection mode Vein Selection mode Upper Area Avoid Players Gem Bag support Dragon Pickaxe Special Attack Upgraded Sack Repairs Broken Struts Humanlike idles (Better Antiban!) Custom Breakmanager Buy this Motherlode Bot here! Want to buy with OSGP? Contact me on Discord! Features: - Recently added: Gem bag support and Upgraded Sack - Drawing of object and players! - Supports every location inside Mothelode (User choosen or random) - Supports all pickaxes - Supports dragon pickaxe special - Cleans and banks ores - Repairs struts if required - Avoid player option - Will loot sack after 3-4 inventories - Option to use the shortcut (Requires Falador medium diary completed - Advanced scripting structure, 99.99% flawless scripting - A clean and easy interface to start and track the script. - Custom webwalking using A* pathfinding algorithm - Randomnized pathing system, humanlike paths, no repetitive clicking. - Script will never idle, start script and let it run forever! Frequently asked questions (FAQ): Q: Where can we find this script? A: This can be found at the store here Q: How and where do I start this script? A: Simply start the script inside the motherlode mine Q: How does avoiding player work? (Option in GUI) A: The script knows if it's worth mining a vein close to a player or not. Proggies: Bug report Template: - Mirror or regular client? - Explain the issue in detail - Printscreen with the Osbot console enabled and script paint when getting stuck. Dynamic signatures: Insert an image into you signature with the folowing link: (Make sure to insert your name at the end) http://khal-scripts.com/signatures/khalmotherlode/signature.png?user=
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    Created by @Juggles && @Malcolm Want to purchase? Click here! For trials please join the discord and request one using our discord bot! This script is 100% automated. It will restock on any supplies needed, grab new tasks, bank and kill! Current Features in script: Grabbing new task once finished. Using Enchanted gem to recognize task. Bank support when out of food and before next task. Grabbing correct equipment for next task. Restocking Support. (GE or Slayer Master) Food support and potion support. Walking method which uses the fastest routes, specific killing methods for each slayer task(Example: Using Salt on Slugs or Mirror shield for Cockatrice). Customizable looting Alching Killing slayer monsters off task Email Notifications Dynamic signature and high-scores! Current Supported Slayer Masters Turael Vannaka Nieve/Steve Duradel FAQ: 1.) What do I need to start the script? 1 Varrock teleport tab and that is it. The script will buy everything else and resupply. 2.) Can I use a Slayer helm on special tasks such as RockSlugs? Yes just tick the checkbox to use a Slayer Helm and it will override the required items for that task 3.) How should I start the script? Have the gear you want to use equipped. 4.) What is the recommended way to start the script? The best way to start the script is with an enchanted gem in your inventory. It will recognize your current task. If no task is assigned, it will travel to the selected slayer master. If using Turael, start with a Games Necklace in inventory for fastest travel. If using Vannaka, start with a Glory in inventory for fastest travel. 5.) When does it bank? It will bank at the start of the script unless you check the box to not bank on start. After each task, it will rebank. 6.) How do I report bugs? You can post below or join the discord for fastest communication. If you run into any issues, let Malcolm or Juggles know 7.) What does "Check bank for list of items" checkbox do? This is a tool to use solely to check the items in your bank. This will just show you what items you are missing in your bank. Once you do this, you can restart the script with it checked. This must not be checked to run the script. It is solely a tool. 8.) Should I have "Tick to Enable Restocking" on? This should be ticked for 99% of users. You want the script to go and buy you supplies when you are out. If unchecked and you are missing an item, it will stop the script. Updates In The Near Future: Skipping Tasks Dynamic Combat support (Do melee on some tasks and range/magic on other tasks depending on selection) Default Item List - Customize if you prefer: Update Log: BUG REPORT TEMPLATE: Pictures/Gifs: High-scores and Dynamic Signature You can find the high-scores and dynamic signature on our website here! https://ultimatescripts.xyz/ https://discord.gg/8NzeeQZ To donate to the developers: https://ultimatescripts.xyz/donate/
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    Selling 500M OSRS - Around .56 - BTC Discord - Geralt#1993
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    Somebody else had the same type of issue and it turned out they didn't have any charged glories in the bank. The script runs for me when I try and run it to Turoths. Make sure that you have charged glories in the bank that aren't glory(1)
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    @KnightOfZero Restocking is currently broken due to an API method. getChatbox().isVisilbile() However I am likely going to re-write the GE restockin method. Did you have food, glories, potions that you have selected, etc?
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    @CharlesWoodchuck You could make it grab the items on the tile at which the npc died and grab all the items. Could also add something that would grab the price of the items and loot the most expensive item first.
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    The only way to get membership at the moment is through bonds, fyi
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    I don't believe this is allowed. On a side note, you keep mentioning antiban (in both of your recent threads). Please refer to the script rules regarding this. You can have "a unique ten-pronged anti-ban algorithm" all you want, but you can't advertise it and it must be enabled by default.
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    nope, not even that, just second hand dildos.
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    But can afford Barbie dolls
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    It means if he makes 1 gp or more he is getting a lolipop!
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    About 500m to 1.5b a month. Mostly around 500m though.
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    Depends what you wanna do Offer services, sell/buy gold to build up rep, just check the market and see what you can do to build yourself a good rep.
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    if (myGpPerMonth >= 1) { System.out.println("I made GP this month"); } else { System.out.print("I lost GP this month"); } output: I made GP this month
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    @Czar Your scripts are great! look forward to using and purchasing more of your stuff in the future =). Heads up though the script only mines the rocks in order on the initial set up. after the first inventory it ends up clicking on one rock over and over again. i did check the version and it was the newer one .57 i think rather than .55.
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    Hi Molly, Could I have a trial? Thanks in advance!
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    I dont want to be mean but I only made it like 2 minutes in and im just wondering if you have tried firemaking by hand before making the script? Players dont randomly walk into a completely wrong direction to afk and they also dont choose completely random logs to burn. And Your script seems to be very slow when it comes to burning logs, which really isnt humanlike at all. It took you 5 minutes to burn an inventory of logs lol Generally its considered to be the best "antiban" if you make your scripts efficient and working flawlessly so people wouldnt be able to tell that you are a bot from just looking at your character movements.
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    Could do public void onStart() throws InterruptedException { gui = new fighterGUI(); while (gui.isVisible()) { sleep(1000); } . . . } to make it wait
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    Am I able to grab a trail please?
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    Where the fuck can you buy them at. The websites I've seen are all shit
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    I am Obi-Wan and he is one of the shitty Jedi who died.
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