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  1. have you two extra days
  2. Ok I'll try to get a fix out soon for that
  3. interesting, is it just the chat dialog that prevents it from working? Does closing it help?
  4. [WARN][Bot #1][11/17 01:00:09 AM]: Restock finished but still have items missing: [WARN][Bot #1][11/17 01:00:09 AM]: Bullseye lantern Its pretty self-explanatory Get a bullseye lantern
  5. You might have npc/player interaction turned off
  6. what exactly is the issue
  7. activated please look for someone to handle this here https://osbot.org/forum/forum/227-vouchers/ also activated
  8. This script is designed for more complex safespotting where it needs to run behind objects. There is a major limitation (as mentioned on the first page) where it will not work if the npc is not reachable, as is true with the wizards tower. I am sure there is another script out there that can handle this simple task.
  9. Hey, is this still an issue?
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