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  1. Here's a custom webwalk event class that I use to perform actions while walking without delays import org.osbot.rs07.api.map.Position; import org.osbot.rs07.event.WebWalkEvent; import org.osbot.rs07.utility.ConditionalSleep2; public class CustomWebWalk extends WebWalkEvent { private AsyncWalkEvent asyncWalkEvent; public CustomWebWalk(Position position) { super(position); } @Override public void onStart() { asyncWalkEvent = new AsyncWalkEvent(); execute(asyncWalkEvent); } @Override public int execute() throws InterruptedException
  2. Thats a pretty good idea, would just require running up to the wildy edge to fill it right?
  3. If you bot agility on a 1500 main without mirror mode then you're kinda asking to get banned
  4. talked over pm, restocker will not but equipment, but may make that an option in the future
  5. Sure, 24 hours activated. Although I highly recommend buying vip for mirror mode, so be careful for now
  6. activated, make sure you post a proggy this time activated, enjoy
  7. Falador shield is already added, couldnt tell you how much it improves kills/hour though. But I can probably add extra prayers / spec weapon sometime soon
  8. Hard fally diary is an option, not a requirement
  9. 24 hours activated, enjoy
  10. Post the log please. Is it not going to the mole hole?
  11. activated for 24 hours, enjoy
  12. Yeah thats what I though, should be fine if you start greater than zero. Will add a fix for that shortly just in case
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