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  1. Its stats are higher now just didn't want to take a picture rn
  2. pigeons

    pc ironman

    That's a fat quote over the other too lmfao appreciate the responses!
  3. pigeons

    PC main

    Looking for a usd ammount ty https://ibb.co/C9Vq8yv
  4. But how Maybe I'll make an achivement thread and keep you posted lmao
  5. My girlfriend has challenged me to tiktok for a week to gain more, clout? I dont really know what to do so any help would be great.
  6. No I did fm before I started writing my own code and api that was done with khal wt Hopefully I get 2 more 99s before it gets a 2 day then I'll just enjoy the account and use it to test bigger projects
  7. Or make your own and jeak off @Malcolm for his knowledge... whatever works
  8. And onnnnnnn stealth mode
  9. Respond to my discord dm
  10. Stealth lmao I dont have the money for mirror All stats are botted tho
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