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How to reduce bans Tips & Tricks

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Hi, I assume you've been getting banned quite a lot or you're just unsure whether or not to bot an account; You've come to the right place!


Just noticed that  @Alek made a guide 'similar' his is more technical tho so you should refer to his thread too  http://osbot.org/forum/topic/45618-preventing-rs-botting-bans/ 


I will give you some tips & tricks and I will evaluate each one. 


Just a heads up lol, be aware that this is not a 100% guarantee in which will protect you as ultimately there isn't a method in which you can escape the possibility of a ban; Unless you bribe Mod Weath of course! Tip one however should guarantee you not getting banned Troll.png


Tip 1) Don't bot. Sounds simple right? Well it fucking is.


Tip 2) Don't suicide. I know this tip may sound retarded as we all know the definition of suicide but who the fuck cares! Don't FUCKING SUICIDE! Seriously though lol what I mean by this is we all tend to 'risk' by botting overnight this is usually the downfall of many people as they get banned by this; You may say but I don't get banned? Well come back after a few days when your delay ban occurs doge.png


Tip 3) Proxies are not game changers for reducing ban. Fine.. They may help if you have a 'flagged IP' well I'm under the pretence of flagged ip's only occurring to the big cheese gold farmers or mass scale botters and I can safely say none of us fall under that category

only maybe  @jackshow and @Pain cash.png . However though, I can see why people do buy proxies as once I did too after I noticed more bans than usual but to be fair they mostly generate their ban reports through their 'System of detecting bots' so don't expect proxies to guarantee all of your accounts  100% safety lol.


Tip 4) Hotspots. This tip is defo useful in reducing bans. This is because we all know skills like Hunter or Abyss runecrafting is generally a hotspot for botters therefroe is it always the best choice? No but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it as I personally loved botting Hunter only because of my best fren @ProjectPact QwPha8E.png  But think of it this way,  There's a higher frequency of bans occuring at these hotspots but don't get disheartened as users like ProjectPact are amazing in what they do therefore his hunter script is phenomenal (This is becoming an advertisement) doge.png


Tip 5) LEVEL YOUR FUCKING COMBAT! This tip omg is probably the best tip known to man. This is because a person with 80 cmb chopping fucking yews will seem 'more legit' than a level 3 chopping yews. This may not be always the case but majority of the time it is. I've survived longer on higher level combat accounts than I have survived on shitty level 3's. It doesn't take much investment or time I guess as getting the min which would be 60/60/60 will only take about a day or two but in the long run I guess it's worth it; Unless your luck is absolutely shit then I can't really help lel.


Tip 6) Use of 'good scripts' What defines a good script? Thats up to you lol, I'm not gonna say what not to use or what to use as Scripts are scripts lol therefore i'm not here to bash and say don't use USER X's chopper as I'm not perfect, nobody is.. Except @FrostBug ofc :P But seriously, don't just use anything you find like an open source as they're not 'entirely perfect' no offence.. However, just adding on if you know how to script, then make yourself a personal script! This is probably a very useful thing to do as only you will have the patterns of the script therefore comparing it to an sdn script for example many of the users who have that script will display similar interactions etc.




Tip 7) Mirror or Stealth?

I'd answer this long debated topic but I don't want to get banned doge.png

No seriously, use what you think is necessary as I do think Mirror is much more ban proof than stealth and also buy vip to stop the shitty gold adverts from blocking script paint and chatbox #SupportOSBot


Tip 8) How long  should you bot for? hourly/daily/weekly/monthly

Well this ultimately depends on what you bot and your levels etc. So there is no 'fixed answer' this basically depends on you as an individual as everyone's account is unique whether you accept this or not. All I can tell you about the hours of botting is as follows:


Don't over do it but don't be scared; Basically bot for a period in which you think is suitable.. DONT OVER-DO IT THOUGH! (READ SUICIDE TIP)


Tip 9) Private scripts

Well im not here to ruin anyone's business but I think private scripts are useful to a certain extent as generally the scripter (depending on who you buy it from ofc) will put more effort in it as it's his job to do so. Therefore, my only tip for this would be to go to a respectable member 


Tip 10) Randomising 

Time and time again we see people say "omg i got fucking banned for auto alching from x magic to y magic level". Well that's maybe because you're doing the exact same thing for all that time lol? Try to randomise what you bot meaning bot magic for an hour than bot nmz for the next hour basically what i mean is don't do the same shit lol



So basically to sum up:

Bot wisely and don't risk an account that you know you will b mad if it gets banned as ultimately it's your choice; no one is compelling you to bot your max account. So bot only when necessary and if you can play legit, play legit  you don't always have to bot lol



have fun u fukkin emote1234.png ers



Saiyan for mod pls? doge.png



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