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  1. Nice, you are a Global Mod now.

    Incase you didn't get my post from earlier.

    Man I got locked up cause I only wanted the 'Free' from the 'Buy 1 get 1 Free'.

    Smh ????

    Gotta go the warden is coming to my cell block. Talk to you when I get out ?

  2. GL on your scholarship man!
  3. You chose a 60hz monitor so the 2 x 1080ti will cap at 60 fps aka useless even 1 might be overkill but if thats what u want to buy Do you really need 2 x 500gb SSD's? Couldnt you manage with 1 of it? Same with RAM, 32gb might be enough 1200w psu is overkill a 750w will be more than enough 8700k is a big step up from the last gen but have a look at ryzen because it doesnt matter how many 100s of fps u get with intel if its capped because of the monitor What does the soundcard do that u must have Tbh this looks like u are just picking the most expensive/high end parts for no real reason
  4. Those feedbacks will be removed and you will get a warning/market suspension(not 100%) for feedback manipulation
  5. 100 feedbacks for the ability to make topics on the acc sale section
  6. Feels redundant and looks awkward between the Pips and the feedback
  7. Nice name lol

    1. ThatGamerBlue


      gotta stay off the grid somehow 

  8. Just export the script into the same jar and it should work, to delete the jar you have to close OSBot
  9. @Mr Asshole Broooooooooooooooooooooooooo @Orange Rockets in 5 take this L Harden flopping
  10. If its just for school take a look at the HP Stream 11 or chromebooks they are under $200 and have long battery life
  11. Spurs got exposed by Grizzlies i think Rockets got this in 5 tbh, Harden and his squad are just so fucking fluid and can pull up from everywhere
  12. At first I agreed with you but after thinking about it i think there shouldn't be a requirement, people can go to S1-S3 for good quality expensive scripts and to someone new for cheap and easy scripts as they wont be charging $30 to write 10 lines of code Im sure @Imateamcape gets enough orders and doesn't have much issue there, he is just suggesting what he thinks is good for OSBot
  13. Noticed TWC names looks almost like a normal grey name, perhaps a strike through on their names for now?
  14. Aiban

    Stealth Quester

    Good stuff keep it up
  15. Aiban


    When you stop a script make sure it is properly terminated before starting another one
  16. This is fucking great @Alek, always thought we could use more quality free scripts. Regarding time being taken away from development, why not give optional scripting assignments to S2, S3 they are good enough to write scripts that wouldn't break and active enough to maintain their ranks. (ik some went inactive but still :p) All in all this is great stuff man, new scripters would have an official script to compete against or they would have to write unique stuff
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