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  1. jackshow

    [HCIM] services

    i do for 1000m 07 ?
  2. I will log on skype sometime soon and send you my discord name, if you use that ?
  3. @Dex Sorry for the late reply! I myself have also been quite busy IRL. Maybe I should make a goodbye post ? I definitely thank you for your time as a mod, as well as a friend. Whenever there was a dispute, you'd always give a fair decision in the matter. Sad to see you go as you were always a friendly face on the forum, and one I respected. Maybe we can talk more in the future!
  4. That's good, I'm glad you've decided to put more thought into it. LSD is a wonderful drug, or a horrible nightmare that will put you through likely one of the worst experiences you will ever have in your life. As f or the subway, that is quite interesting actually, I've never read anything from any reputable sources regarding this: I heard that going underground/underwater is a perfect way to turn a good trip into a complete nightmare. As for what you said about livestock, I felt quite similarly. I'm not sure about the city you live in, but everyone here just seemed like a zombie during rush hour, it made me question why we live life, as clearly everyone wasn't enjoying themselves on the subway, nobody talking, everyone ignoring everyone around them. I couldn't understand why, it made some of my worst fears come out. Benzos are a prescription only drug, however, if you're able to get your hands on LSD - I'm sure you can get your hands on benzos It really does kill off the purpose of taking LSD, but if it's an escape from the living hell, I only see positives :p
  5. @Elixar Since I was pinged I will give my insight into this, I've done LSD quite a few times. If your friends are scared of a bad trip already - I would not let them take LSD. I can't speak for everyone, however I did make a few close friends while taking LSD, I am basing what I say off of my experiences. Myself personally, when I was scared of a bad trip before taking L, the trip was a horrible nightmare, I felt as if I was on the brink of insanity. The fear, and indescribable thoughts I had are not something I ever want to experience again. As for steering a bad trip into a good one, I would highly advise not smoking weed. I don't think there's any guaranteed way to steer a bad trip into a good one. For example, if you read online, alcohol use to fix your trip, or make it more tolerable is a horrible idea. Alcohol works wonders for me, but it sent my friend to seek help after he drank too much on a bad L trip (granted he was using LAD, not LSD). If you have Benzos on hand, I wouldn't worry at all about taking LSD. I've never used benzos to kill a bad trip, I have seen my friend take a benzo to kill his LSD trip, it seemed to work fairly quick and kill it off. If you don't know what benzos do, they pretty much kill off the fear and panic, no 'revelation of the mind'. As for how bad trips happen, it depends on the person. I had a bad trip start the second I went on the subway, I regret that to my day. That was the worst trip I ever had, and the last time I took LSD. I will never do it again because of that day. I think as long as you plan activities ahead, to keep yourself distracted, and do things that you know you enjoy - you'll be fine. If you take LSD on a whim, just to see fun shit, I'd say that's a bad trip waiting to happen. Anyway, if your friends are nervous/scared, don't take LSD with them. Or, if you really want to, have benzos on hand to prepare for the worst.
  6. Suh my dood where you been

  7. Hell no, max like $100 Good rep as in ~500+
  8. Yeah. Nobody cares about how much you spent to get the skin, RP is half the value of buying it - as you can buy RP for half the price from people, so, 150, account value itself being silver 2 probably $20, $170 value. But Nobody cares about what the account value is to the owner. League account's aren't things you can make money off of, so, unless you have a massive amount of feedback - 1/3 the price of the value to the owner is usually around what they should go for. 1/3 of 170 is $56 so, $56.
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