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  1. Hey man is ur rc script up to date?

  2. Sib

    Keven, how are you?

  3. Some Suggestions:

    Mort myre fungus Script

    As for requirements: Nature Spirit, The Restless Ghost. The Prist in Peril
    Prayer Lvl: 40

    The Send support: Salve graveyard teleport
    Looking forward to write a simple script version of the fungi:ban:

  4. You're fine dude. My mule has been on for 2 years and I haven't used a proxy on it or taken any precautions. RWT bans are rare and usually only happen if you are trading large sums oftenly.
  5. Thank you for your service.
  6. Hi sunshine

  7. No references are given to back up your claim. One could just assume that you get banned for the opposite reason, where your bot has a lot of flaws and keeps making mistakes like getting stuck doing something repeatedly and that gets you banned.
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