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  1. You're fine dude. My mule has been on for 2 years and I haven't used a proxy on it or taken any precautions. RWT bans are rare and usually only happen if you are trading large sums oftenly.
  2. Thank you for your service.
  3. Hi sunshine

  4. No references are given to back up your claim. One could just assume that you get banned for the opposite reason, where your bot has a lot of flaws and keeps making mistakes like getting stuck doing something repeatedly and that gets you banned.
  5. Guess I can never run pubg in more than 20 fps
  6. Keven

    Buying trash accs

    add my discord Keven#8536 or pm When was the ban?
  7. Keven

    Buying trash accs

    It depends on stats, quests/untradeables and membership.
  8. Looking to buy trash accs that I can soon bot with or are ready to bot. No specific requirements, post below and I may be interested. Examples: level 30-60's with random melee stats, level 3's with mining levels, nmz quest completion accounts, etc. Max looking to spend about 8m on an account.
  9. Meme coin, gay coin and ripple.
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