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  1. Skype: Jonny.Yagami You would need to pay a deposit to use the account though. Obviously given back if you don't mess my account up.
  2. How about I cut my dick off and give it to you instead. 10m??? You high mate? Right guys, If you die on quests like these you honestly should stop calling yourselves servicers. I'm busy irl so I can't do right now but really you need to evaluate if you are even needed.
  3. A new level of gay has been reached by Kittens!
  4. what I can't order services myself cause I'm verified?
  5. I need some quests done on a hardcore ironman, it has high rank so if you die you'd be refunding the account. Dragon Slayer Needed Watchtower Needed Sea Slug Needed Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Needed Jungle Potion Needed
  6. I streamed for an hour and half and it was 1:30am and never hit 20 so went offline to prepare for tomorrow to actually try stream good content.
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/helpinosrs
  8. Where you guys say: YOUR MIC IS SHIT AND SO ARE YOU
  9. Jonny

    my cc

    Nah I'm not salty, you lost Dbuffed so now you're just trying to find someone else to pick on because you really aren't that interesting. Gotta find something to entertain Meowbox.
  10. Jonny

    my cc

    1v1 thumb wrestle me I'll rag you into next week
  11. 10 fishing level 40 accounts 400k each, assuming there is bidding as well.
  12. Jonny

    my cc

    I don't bot at all, I removed though
  13. Jonny

    my cc

    https://www.sythe.org/threads/dispute-against-a-donation-rank this will sum everything up. They can do whatever they want, the account cannot be banned as it's not dealt with any rule breaking.
  14. Jonny

    my cc

    'Rarely' but when you do, you spam the shit out of it? Then also get involved with saying I am a rwter in a public chat. +1
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