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  1. Saiyan


    Thank u! Thank u! Just enjoying the warm weather n happy I only have 3 or 4 more assignments in total till this academic year is over with cause i'll get a summer break from like June till oct which is nice
  2. Saiyan


    Legit I might save the easier skills to last or just get 85-90 on them n do the grindier ones first minus rc cause i hate rc and its unbearable
  3. Saiyan


    I am good! Just been busy with University and playing League got back into playing on my main account on osrs recently going to try and max it maybe by this or next year
  4. Saiyan


    hows life 4 everyone
  5. Saiyan

    i miss u so much holy fuck

    1. Dex


      How you can already miss someone when you are in the same community with them, I have no idea.

    2. Saiyan
  6. Saiyan


    yeah sure man saiyan#3132 is my discord 205939255871143936 is my unique id
  7. Saiyan


    uhh its a long story lol tldr: i joined in 2014 was active till like end of 2016 or beginning of 2017 during those years i was a chatbox mod to mod to super mod i resigned sometime in 2016 autumn i started using discord more and i guess i associated with idiots and i got an ego after getting modded for a streamer called ice poseidon and i made a bad comment about osbot whilst i was ex staff and i got banned from here fast forward 3 years im unbanned now, just here for the community and people i remember osbot was pretty much the first online community i was a part of, before discord
  8. Saiyan


    i remember u bro, hope u been good brother :))
  9. cod and rust r the most intense games outta that list csgo and league can generally run on anything valorant is new but its not that heavy i have a ryzen 5 3600 and i run it smooth with a gtx 970 still lol
  10. Saiyan


    hello its been a while
  11. I don't snitch cause snitching is for bitches.. but he claimed he had the RSN 'Saiyan' and wanted to sell it for 20M so at first I thought he couldn't spell Saiyan properly and his rsn was something like Sayain cause aint no 1 selling the rsn Saiyan for 20m lol.. P.S if he never claimed to have sold the rsn 'Saiyan' for 15M osrs and then on skype when I offer more he says no its his childhood rsn I wouldn't have spent 5 mins of my time to pm Mootrucks and ask. Sorry if this isnt making any sense i didnt sleep LUL I did a random google search and I found this out: User: Fibbonaci
  12. [P.S I wasn't demoted I resigned for those who are asking. ACP requires a static IP and I have a dynamic one and I have to put up with it for atleast 12 months before I can change ISP. I can set up a static one with my current ISP but it's too much of a hassle as I have to sign up for it and fill out some things and it'll affect the contract I have with my ISP. Moderation is atleast 70% based on ACP.]
  13. I know but I just want to see him or someone use it in action and post an example stake
  14. have u got a video on how to use it or like u using it in action cause i dont understand the point of the saber six vid lol
  15. SS Rival 300 or a gaming logitech mouse or razer deathadder chroma Keyboard K70 Mx Speed (RGB costs like $50 more than a static color one) Since you're ONLY playing osrs I assume just get a nice cpu like a i7 7700k fuck it dude 1060 would b ok i guess for you get the 6gb? one i think it was 6gb idk it wasnt the 3 gb one tho)
  16. is what I will say when someone is chosen by @Alek
  17. ur iq is still the same
  18. Mining iron ore at lumb tin/copper spot btw
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