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Legal action from making scripts


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is making scripts illegal? Like, we're not actually doing the reverse-engineering of the client or helping others to do so (that's all on Alek and Maxi/MGI).


But, are they likely to claim you making scripts for others to bot is damaging them or something to do a legal case against you?


Jagex sued the American bot developers of the now extinct iBot, and I understand going after the bot makers. Just unsure about the script writing issue.

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If developing a bot client and writing scripts for it is so illegal then why have not jagex done something about it????

ppl have been botting for years and a large community do or have done it

obviously jagex r apart of the illumnati and give maldesto the funds to host osbot kappa


See the iBot court case. They did something about it. It cost Jagex millions though, and years.

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