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  1. There are no buttons or options to click. You pass the parameters over the commandline. Example: java -jar C:\Users\HiGoogle\osbot.jar -debug 5005
  2. Yes that's exactly it. Glad it's working now
  3. Good script. But will you be adding Stun-Alch-Teleporting to it? https://gfycat.com/IlliterateNextAoudad
  4. You need to open it with Java, not with winrar. You may need to download and install java, search for "Download java 8" on google.
  5. Yes that is correct. This rule is for 2 reasons: Someone using a free proxy to "hack themself", then when Admins check the IP was in fact different. You were hacked via not securing your account, so the losses are liable to you. Either way, yes the person is liable.
  6. Yes it was there. Could be interesting.
  7. I am already making a Zulrah Script
  8. They are professional trolls. Wait for you to get level 98 before throwing the ban.
  9. Yeah that would be rather . Making a zulrah script and can't even get there.
  10. What way do you use to get to Zulrah the most? Does anyone use the Catherby boat (3.2k)? Do you consider paying the 25-30k for the direct teleport as worth it?
  11. Yup. The guy kept the "I was diagnosed" video secret for 4 years and sat on it. He let her continually think she was safe and ban people mentioning cancer. Then in 2015, he let it rip.
  12. Hey. I don't know who you are lol, but it is good to have you back
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