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Know your scammer! [A simple guide into the world of scammers on OSBot]


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Hi, scammers are people who fuck you over for their own benefit. We have all experienced it sometime in our time online. the first time is always a hard time, the 2nd time too, but you get used to it quickly, like myself.


I am here to write you this sick tutorial into the world of 3 kinds of scammers. I have over 6 years of experience in being scammed so you better not question my reviews. If you have any additional information, I will gladly add it to the categories.




Category 1: The BIG_CARTL's


the BIG_CARTL'S are the most innocent kind of scammers we have. They'd scam you for anything, wether it be 500k or 20M. they take it and get the fuck out. this type of scammer is most likely coming back as a "vader". If you don't know what a vader is, I suggest you consult @Jams. BIG_CARTL's never have high status on this website. they are either leechers or VIP's no more no less. getting scammed by a BIG_CARTL does not necessarily feel bad, you often just wonder what actually happened and the most spoken word after being scammed by a BIG_CARTL is: Why.



Category 2: The Zakum's


The Zakum's are the easiest type of scammer to avoid. Zakum's are easily detectable by their join date, feedback amount and post-count spam and acting like a li'l bitch. Zakum's, also called Skuzz's or Heaven's, can be seen scamming from the past, which makes them easily avoidable. The Zakum's stack feedback like crazy by pulling off a little easy trick: they sell and buy the same amount of rsgp without making a loss. they, for example, sell 5m rsgp and buy it back again to gain easy feedback, which makes them seem trustworthy.

Zakum's are always present. the worst thing is that you can not do anything about them as they're not doing anything bad before they scam.



Category 3: The Servergeeks


The servergeeks are the scammers that get most attention when they have attempted the scam. this is because servergeeks are well known and popular traders on this website. they have been around for at least 3 months and are deemed trustworthy by everyone (except of course @RServiceGeeks). Servergeeks are retarded most of the time, which makes disputes against them hilarious and fun to follow, unless you're the one that started the dispute against the servergeek. Servergeeks only scam for large amounts of wealth and most likely fuck over more than 1 person at a time. Servergeeks are the most rare scammers and their existence can not be predicted.




I hope this review/guide was clear to you all.


Special thanks to:  @RahaKaan, @Zakum, @Orange, @SkuZZ, @RServiceGeeks, @Decode@Nike, @Heaven and, of course, my main man @BIG CARTL

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