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  1. Discord : Aaron#0930 Will discuss pricing on there
  2. Aaron

    PC Main

    Market is kind of dying but you're easily looking at 400$ + Probably around the 500-600 ballpark
  3. Aaron

    Need 70/70/70/70

    If this is still needed my discord is Aaron#0930 will discuss a price with you on there
  4. Probably khazard battle field
  5. @mithrilman so essentially we will have to gather the cakes and everything too? Discord : Aaron#0930
  6. Discord : Aaron#0930 Message me on there will price it up for you
  7. Can start now Discord : Aaron#0930
  8. 150-250m? Would be worth double that if it had bgloves and veng
  9. Discord : Aaron#0930 Will be discussing pricing and what it is exactly that you'd be requesting
  10. Discord : Aaron#0930 Then discuss with me what you need exactly and I can price it all up for you
  11. is this still needed @Dj ink Discord : Aaron#0930
  12. Discord : Aaron#0930 Will discuss a pricing on there with you
  13. Discord : Aaron#0930 Have two accounts which fit the build for you
  14. Discord : Aaron#0930 You'd be paying supplies too
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