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  1. Like the title says 07 GP 2$/1m Paypal Skype: zakum.osbot
  2. Welcome back Draven. To the fields of justice
  3. Buying 07 GP $1.9 / 1m SKYPE: ZAKUM.OSBOT
  4. Zakum

    pc this plz

    I would say 10-15m.
  5. Zakum


    The og is about to be gone. R.I.P
  6. /ACCEPTED. You will now be working with Zakum's AIO Service as the Quester/Powerleveler.
  7. I'd say rc is the fastest
  8. I can do this if you are still searching Skype: zakum.osbot
  9. I can do this Skype: zakum.osbot
  10. Thanks for this, will edit the T.O.S
  11. Introduction: I have been in the runescape business for nearly 6 years now. With more orders coming in, means more work to be done. Therefore, I am now searching for Powerlevelers / Questers / Minigame - Workers. T.O.S - You must complete the job once you have accepted it. Failure to finish the job will result in a punishment decided by me. - You must pay a 15m 07 / 30$ deposit FEE before joining the squad. To ensure safety for our customers, there must be a deposit fee. This deposit will be returned when you decide to leave the job. If you scam, break any rules, or become inactive without warning your deposit will be kept. - You will be kicked off the team / deposit will be kept if you become inactive without any warning. I am aware that you have a life too, but I am looking for active and dedicated workers. If you are on vacation or going to be inactive for a certain amount of time, let me know before you become inactive. - If you scam, you will be removed from the team and a dispute will be made against you. Your initial deposit will be kept in aid of repaying for the lost items/money. Application: Did you add me on skype?: Do you agree to pay the deposit fee?: What Position are you applying for?: Timezone:
  12. I like the simplistic look to the thread layout. Good luck on your service!
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