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  1. i'm not a graphic designer. I am a designer of life
  2. stfu u scamming piece of shit
  3. after long time i come back again
  4. After my post nobody post except krys he need more post thank u
  5. jog on you god forsaken hag, I don't need a cure knowing you live on this planet
  6. u cant i already received cancer by reading the shit you wrote
  7. stop faking cancer you whore
  8. I made this real quick but for you guys i can only make gif. Please post what u want. if it's too hard i wont respond and if i dont feel like doing it because im away or something i will also not respond. i will only respond if i make for you
  9. I don't but this stud sure as hell does! what a guy can I get a HBD in the comments!?
  10. Reported say hi to Muffins, ijodix, Jams, and the other fuckers for me
  11. please stop spamming my threads I will report you if you don't stop
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