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  1. Hey, would it be possible to issue me a trial?
  2. Zikama

    Khal Wintertodt

    Hey, could you issue me a trial? Im strongly considering buying if it works well!
  3. Hey, can you issue me a trial?
  4. Hey, can you issue me a trial?
  5. @Staff, the issue has been solved and I'm back on my account. Please ban the other account and close this, thanks!
  6. Could offer you 0.95/M fees covered or 0.97/M fees on you.
  7. I'd like to buy a bunch for a better price, instead of the jerks ripping you off with 0,91/M.
  8. I'd buy it all 0.95/M Skype: legendary.zikama
  9. And can anyone tell me if this is on my or the sender side, cause I'm 99,99% sure I'm clean and by Bitdefender says so too.
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