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Lets see how far I can get.

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Hey guys!


Just figured that I'd share my progress so far. Especially since I'm using an ideal account and only using the mirror client. This information may be useful to the developers of the mirror client.


Account background:

Created 10+ years ago. Botted heavily on RS3. Absolutely no bans, and only one mute offense EVER.


How I set myself up for success:

Completed tutorial island by hand, and let the account sit for a couple weeks to age. The age of the account (10+ years) in itself will go a long ways. I only use the mirror client, and I bot roughly 18 hours a day. I tend to switch what script I run daily.


What I have done so far:

This account has ONLY been botted and has only been played legitimately to do a few easy quests and maybe a little pking. Every stat you see is a result from OSBot, with the exception of experience gained from questing.


Scripts that I have or am currently using:

-Czar's "CzarRangeGuild" Script (10/10 - absolutely perfect)

-Eliot's "Dream Fisher" Script (10/10 - absolutely perfect)

-Khal's "Essence Miner" Script (8/10 - highly recommend)

-Rudie's "Multi Fire" Script (7/10 - would recommend)

-Rudie's "Multi Cooker" Script (7/0 - would recommend)

-Isolate's "DarkMiner" Script (6/10 - would recommend, obvious bot-like actions)


(4/2/2015) I've hidden a few stats for security purposes. These are the stats that I have already obtained prior to making this post.




(4/3/2015) After running Czar's "CzarRangeGuild" script overnight for a beautiful 13 hour progress report, I've decided to take a break. I obtained 81 range (+3 ranged levels). I plan to continue running the script for another overnight progress report and to get another step closer to my 99 range goal. Break time will be ~6-10 hours.


P.S. - Czar you need to fix your "time to X0" formula tongue.png There's no way I'm getting 9 ranged levels in 8 hours, haha!




(4/4/2015) I decided to switch it up and train a different skill in an effort to boost my total level. From my understanding, the higher your total level, the less suspicious you look to Jagex. I trained Firemaking overnight for 5-6 hours with Rudie's "Multi Fire" script, to achieve 71 (+70) firemaking.


This is a rather light botting session compared to the previous few days. I'm beginning to see a potential main account, but there is still a lot of work to be done... I'm re-evaluating my goals and figuring out exactly what I would want this account to be in the scenario that it doesn't receive a ban. Perhaps I'll level each skill to 70+ for a nice main account, and then focus on 99 goals afterward? Suggestions and ideas are appreciated.




(4/5/2015) Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed some time with your family! Just like yesterday, I decided to boost my total level a bit and ran Rudie's "Multi Cooker". I had a little over 1,000 raw shrimp from when I started fishing, and cooked all of them to achieve 42 (+41) cooking in just a couple hours.


Afterward I ran Eliot's "Dream Fisher" script overnight for a ridiculous 16 hour progress report to achieve 75 fishing (+3). One more level until sharks! I'll probably cook most of the lobsters I got before selling them to get my cooking somewhere in the 70-80 range.


I also want to give a huge shout out to Botre for supporting my adventure and donating two premium scripts to me via PM. That was absolutely not necessary, and I really appreciate it. I can't wait to try them out and let you all know how great they are smile.png




(4/6/2015) I ran Eliot's "Dream Fisher" overnight again for a 12+ hour progress report (I forget how long exactly) to achieve 77 fishing (+2). I then ran Isolate's "DarkMiner" script for a few hours this morning to achieve 40 mining. I also tried out Khal's "Essence Miner" script in anticipation of training runecrafting soon, but the XP gains were very insignificant. 


I also completed a few quests today in preparation for Monkey's Madness. I completed "The Grand Tree", "Plague City", and "Tree Gnome Stronghold". These quests put my Agility level at 32 (+7), my Attack at 46 (+5), and my Magic at level 14 (+13).


I'll be taking a break overnight and continue botting when I wake up before class tomorrow.




(4/9/2015) The past couple days have been quite boring. I've just been fishing with Eliot's "Dream Fisher" script to continue building my bank while I figure out what I'm going to do next. I achieved 79 fishing (+2) and a whole lot of sharks!


I'd really like to start training hunter, but I know hunter scripts are buggy in the mirror client at the moment. I have a lot of things due within the next few days at school so I haven't really been browsing the scripts lately. I'll be switching it up over the weekend I'm sure once I have my assignments done. But for now, just going slow and steady.




(11/21/2016) I've recently hopped back on the OSRS saddle. I left relatively unannounced long ago when I got hit hard with exams, and started working full time. Oh wait, that's the best benefit of botting, right?! Anyway, I took a long break from Runescape and I was going to jump-start this thread back up with my progress. It hasn't been really been touched since my last update.


If this is against the rules or considered grave-digging, please let me know. I can start another thread or if people are just not interested I won't spam the forums with it.


In the meantime, I'm taking a look at all the scripts and how they've changed since I left. If I had previously rated your script on this thread, you can count on me using your script again and updating the results.

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Good luck! These type of threads are getting popular and it's very interesting to see the progress and future goals biggrin.png


My ranged level is strictly from using the week trial you gave me of your script. It's absolutely flawless. When it runs out, I will absolutely be purchasing it so I can complete my 99 range goal :)


Thank you <3

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