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  1. Looking to trade 6 of my csgo case keys for 10mil OSRS. Would also be available to buy the gold @ $1.2/m Bitcoin but I'd need a while to sell my keys first.
  2. Got my hands on a Huntsman Blue Steel MW Interested?
  3. Bought over 80 keys No longer need to buy for now. Will update when I do
  4. Awesome. I'll see if I get anything soon and I'll let you know. I'll be interested in selling for btc
  5. Would you purchase with BTC?
  6. I'm interested in purchasing keys. Looking for around 80-85 keys. Will be paying with BTC/Paypal. I'd also like to use an Official Middleman of this site if you're okay with it. How much would you be able to sell me each key for?
  7. Thread can be closed, ended selling to Arcus gold. Ended being a bit less but meh. like 0.98
  8. Alright, thanks! Hopefully will be able to sell for 1.25 then
  9. Wondering if someone could tell me the current price of 07 gold. I got around 35m which will probably sell soon for btc. 1.35 per mil sounds right? It's just that all these threads just say to add skype or their live chat instead of saying their price...
  10. cutvision

    3 letters nick

    It's not worth anything then. 3 letter names, Lee, Mia.. etc are worth something, even numbers, 123. But something random like fhd or j5v wouldn't be worth anything, you can find them easily. Just spend bashing random shit in the keyboard until it comes out green xD
  11. Honestly, some are shit, others are good.
  12. Later, hopefully you'll come back again. You all come back.
  13. very nice release! This seems to be better than the Ankous, now they're quite popular. Does this support ranged?
  14. cutvision

    wtf jagex?

    Uhm, you can safespot them. This shouldn't really be a problem. They are weak to fire if I remember well
  15. Basically what he said. I'm assuming that during the day time they have their own team walking around manually banning bots/ checking the behavior of any flagged ones.
  16. It'd better be the best thing I've ever tried in my life if I were to spend that much. Which I obviously won't unless I get extremely rich
  17. Damn.. people are fucked up these days.. The world will go to hell pretty soon at this pace
  18. You've been playing too much runescape
  19. That's discrimination! I've got a grey name as well
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