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Hello Guys, ill enjoy my stay


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Hi all,


I'm new to this community , i have stayed on other botting forums few years back and have quit rs for a good time.
But i'm back home from working a year -and a half in other countries and am proud to tell you , i'll be joining this community :)


If anyone has any recommendations on how to start etc etc . with a good setup or botting tips , please feel free to send me a PM since it's been a while for me.

Thank you!



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2 minutes ago, uzlz said:


tips i have: use a proxy if you care about the account

bot sensibly

use mirror mode if you can




hf with the botting :)

Thanks , never done mirror mode before , i think when i quit a while ago this was just coming out orsomething like that.


Will check ,thanks!

- Ricky

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