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  1. Price check 82 - 99 Strength 84 - 99 ranged I want an overall price with supplies included. 44 prayer.
  2. it's 2021. I kinda would've thought you guys have figured out by now that nothing is "safe" outside of doing things yourselves. nonetheless, I am not here to bash, and I don't think you'd go wrong with any auto clicker. they're all just about as "safe" as each other will ever be. - goodluck friend.
  3. Like the guy above said, You can’t just dive into botting. It took me maybe a little under a year with ALOT of trial and error, before I had my ducks in a row and actually started to max pures etc. EDIT: I was never one to use breaks or anything though. I think it comes down to the script. I use to get 90 agility on fresh level 3s in like 5 days. good luck.
  4. Trusted people PM or Comment below.
  5. if you ever want to do runs on my maxed ags pure let me know. I already have an acc level 67 with infernal but would be cool to have on my maxed, however I don't have gp because I don't even play 07 anymore as I work 60 hours a week, but if you are successful I can buy the 200M you're asking. something to think about I guess.
  6. I can honestly say throughout all of my trades ( not all are noted ) I’ve only ever lost about 15M, I guess it depends on how you look at it. I’ve lost plenty of brain cells to idiots who thought I’d fall for stuff.
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