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  1. Good day to all my fellow botters/scripters and coders i am searching for a scripter/coder or some 1 who knows what he is doing. I need a browserscript basicly or trough tampermonkey or something else i dont know anything of scripting and coding im a total noob with this... im willing to pay ofcourse
  2. do you got the correct java installed?
  3. requesting 2 accounts price check both fully quested ofcourse and DT done 50 atk 79 str 77range 82 mage 68 hp 16pray 50 atk 70str 80range 91 magic 68 hp 16pra edit: also an staff of the death pure 75attack 40 strenght 80 ranged 93magic 65HP
  4. dont put 100's of tabs in your inventory just 1 and it will run smoothly
  5. i got a 93 magic stotd pure 75attack 40 str 65 hp 80 range
  6. going to do that thanks for the information !!!
  7. just looked into 20 of my accounts from 4-5 years ago non was unbanned
  8. @zuzel111 simply the best for any cape
  9. still use it got it so many years simply the best script of osbot <3<3<3
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