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  1. just try it out make a fresh account do 4 hour on a day 1 hour bot 2 hours rest if the acc still there after 3 days you got yaself a new method
  2. well after the service was done secure the account with the authenticator own fault here buddy
  3. just got banned on the zulrah accounts ( been doing it for a month) so idk its the legue or anything just wierd that the event started and accounts are dead
  4. sup guys thought on the event right now ? think it would be less safe to bot now cuz 90% of the normal players have gone to the event ?
  5. would be best if you can include some quests like mm1 mm2 ds1 ds2 Dt lunar etc etc ( helps with the price checking ) also i recommend that you would blurr some stats and total level you never know when some 1 want to fuck with you and report the account i honestly have no idea howm uch this account should be worth
  6. remove the picture bro and blurr out you're total level good luck with the sale
  7. ofc its not possible on a hcim ? if you read the thread it clearly states evrything is automated .. that means it buys supplies at the GE if i where you start a new accont bot the skills done for all the quests of stealthquester run the script then start slayer its amazing definitly 1 of the best scrips on osbot in my understanding
  8. ii obuth 75/75 accounts recently for 35m each so idk about that prices are diffrent each time and you got 2 bans on it 1 squashed and 1 recently so its a risk
  9. i've done it myself alot of times actually on my main lmao... i aint being smart that is what you are doing ...... its just to unrealistic to bank 10-15 seconds for 1-4 hours str8 .. people will scratch their legss,arms or smoke a sig go for the toilet... but hey we can agree to dissagree .... dont be so butthurt easly man holy shit
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