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  1. FuryShark

    Time to go

    I have to leaveeee. May be back in a year if OSRS isn't dead by then. Goodbye frens :<
  2. Try buying Fury AIO Looter and report back to me what happens
  3. • AIO Looter V5.11 Updated BankSeller to not sell... Food listed in GUI, Selected energy restoration potions, antipoisons, selected teleports, looting bag notes. Logger will say V5.11 when update is live.
  4. While going for 35 for animal magnetism. Nice script thanks
  5. Updated to Version 5.1. Now supports using Ultimate Muling to mule items. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/163401-ultimate-muler/
  6. Now works with Fury AIO Looter
  7. if you believe hard enough, yes
  8. its most likely osrs/osbot broken - a lot of scripts arent working rn so ill check later
  9. They are probably on the Discord server, Wouldnt know though since im BANNED
  10. did you set a run back time
  11. no were all just losing money for years but keep coming back cuz were addicted
  12. It says on it you get 2 weeks...
  13. https://github.com/Explv/Tutorial-Island/blob/master/src/script/TutorialIsland.java for your tutorial island question - can use configs there
  14. Added CLI spoiler with example
  15. Updated. Logger will read version 1.3 when update is live. Fixed everything up. Removed "Show paint?" from logger. Can now click to toggle paint. Added CLI support.
  16. Found the problem with breaks lmfao - update will be live when logger says Version 5.02
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