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FuryShark's Feedback

  1. mrdukesilver left Positive feedback   

    sold me a voucher for vip, everything went smooth and great as usual, ty bro!

    FuryShark was The Seller

  2. clanffs left Positive feedback   

    Made me a private script, from opening a ticket in his Discord Server to sending me the private script in under 30 minutes. Paid via paypal, went first, quick and easy. Would recommend to others.

    FuryShark was The Seller

  3. mrdukesilver left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Fury AIO Looter
    sold me a voucher for one of his scripts, fast, responsive, great price and a great person to deal with

    FuryShark was The Seller

  4. Molten left Positive feedback   

    Fury shark comin in clutch with the private script for nice price. Working fully for hours on end and he’s helpin out with needed fixes. Thanks bud.

    FuryShark was The Seller

  5. SoulDesign left Positive feedback   

    sold them some gfx, great client thanks!

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  6. skillerkidos1 left Positive feedback   

    Helped me make CLI work A+++++

    FuryShark was The Seller

  7. Dorn Moni left Positive feedback   

    Did some scripting for me, nice & quick

    FuryShark was The Seller

  8. DeadTrippin left Positive feedback   

    bought a voucher and one of his scripts great guy!

    FuryShark was The Seller

  9. skillerkidos1 left Positive feedback   

    10/10 helped me make save/load button A++++++

    FuryShark was The Seller

  10. taltoniser left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Private script
    Bought a private script that worked as intended if not better. and the delivery was instant in my case.

    FuryShark was The Seller

  11. hankoo left Positive feedback   

    Bought a private script from him, works perfectly and delivered very fast.

    FuryShark was The Seller

  12. connor112 left Positive feedback   

    custom script made works perfectly

    FuryShark was The Seller

  13. AddeyB left Positive feedback   

    My man made me a banging script :)) 10/10 customer service is great i recommend

    FuryShark was The Seller

  14. Not092 left Positive feedback   

    What an amazing and funny person he is! He made me a private script in the shortest period ever. It was cheap as well and works very the best. I would definitely recommended everyone to buy from him, he replies almost instantly. I'll be coming back for more private scripts!

    FuryShark was The Seller

  15. shushine left Positive feedback   

    Made me a private script that works good and he is always very friendly and helpful, nothing bad about this guy :)

    FuryShark was The Seller

  16. gazzyjuruj left Positive feedback   

    Fury is an amazing person, makes unique custom scripts and ive never seen scripts like his with human like gestures and activities, great coder and fast! Price is good too!

    FuryShark was The Seller

  17. appelkompot left Positive feedback   

    Made me a script, working good!

    FuryShark was The Seller

  18. W199 left Positive feedback   

    Bought a private script off him. great communication, made script fast and good quality :)

    FuryShark was The Seller

  19. Heist left Positive feedback   

    Sold him an air orber. Smooth and easy trade

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  20. Frost Bets left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer, always pays on time and easy to deal with!

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  21. oireapzz left Positive feedback   

    sold me 80m + 16 day mem code was v fast and freindly, kinda bloke you'd hjave a pint .

    FuryShark was The Seller

  22. Camaro left Positive feedback   

    Sold me a sweet acc, such a pleasure

    FuryShark was The Seller

  23. Faustinio left Positive feedback   

    completed some quests for him again, legend!

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  24. D Bolter left Positive feedback for a topic   

  25. Faustinio left Positive feedback   

    We have completed some more quests, thank you!

    FuryShark was The Buyer

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