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  1. viniciuscao left Positive feedback   

    Sold me membership, everything went fine.

    FuryShark was The Seller

  2. Ichindar left Positive feedback   

    sold me membership promptly and a decent price

    FuryShark was The Seller

  3. D Bolter left Positive feedback   

    Sold him gp, thanks qt

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  4. konsensus left Positive feedback   

    He didn't scam me great guy

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  5. D Bolter left Positive feedback   

    Bought some gold, thanks a lot A+

    FuryShark was The Seller

  6. VolatileDesign left Positive feedback   

    Sold me $15 voucher super fast tyvm

    FuryShark was The Seller

  7. FatGypsys left Positive feedback   

    +rep fast asf will and amazing prices will def be buying again cheers mate <3

    FuryShark was The Seller

  8. K130 left Positive feedback   

    Kind of a cuck

    FuryShark was The Seller

  9. Elysian Sigil left Negative feedback   

    He called me a "N*****" In pm's....racist pos

    FuryShark was The Seller

  10. LostasLTU left Positive feedback   

    Helped out to figure whats wrong with script ++rep

    FuryShark was The Seller

  11. Dex left Positive feedback   

    Made this guy some more juicy graphics!

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  12. Dex left Positive feedback for a topic   

    [Deximal Graphics] || ⭐ ‍⚡ FOR ALL YOUR LOGOS AND ILLUSTRATIONS ⭐ ‍⚡
    Sold him a script icon, was good boi

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  13. SUPAFLYFTW left Positive feedback   

    A+++ GODTIER CUSTOM SCRIPT MAKER- highly recommend! FuryShark is knowledgeable about scripts, and took the time out of his day to really fine tune it! I will absolutely be using his expertise in the future!

    FuryShark was The Seller

  14. abelytoox left Positive feedback   

    Sold him vyre accounts and services <3 <3 good costumer i will do more bussiness with him again A++++

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  15. Slayer left Positive feedback   

    Sold 500m very easy transaction

    FuryShark was The Buyer

  16. HelloPeeps left Positive feedback   

    I've never hired a rent boy before and I was feeling pretty nervous, I'm glad to say he made me feel comfortable, took it slow (and hard) and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him :) OH WAIT...wrong review sorry....I hired FuryShark to build a private script for me, he was extremely competitive on price, did a great job and will 100% go back to him should I need anything else creating :)

    FuryShark was The Seller

  17. OSnap left Positive feedback   

    Super Fast, responsive on discord. Took care of my request asap!!

    FuryShark was The Seller

  18. shankyy left Positive feedback   

    bought a cowhide looter and a muler script.. arranged super quickly and works great

    FuryShark was The Seller

  19. Redfr3sh left Positive feedback   

    lovely guy nice shape sells gp and nudes for good prices 10/10 would bang

    FuryShark was The Seller

  20. Redfr3sh left Positive feedback   

    awesome dude sorted me out multiple times

    FuryShark was The Seller

  21. tester901 left Positive feedback   

    Updated my script for me for $50, fast and reliable!

    FuryShark was The Seller

  22. tester901 left Positive feedback   

    Made a custom script for me, very fast and helpful

    FuryShark was The Seller

  23. Aquec left Positive feedback   

    Would recommend this man to anyone for vouchers. Have bought a few! Super quick and easy. Great prices !

    FuryShark was The Seller

  24. Aquec left Positive feedback   

    Would definitely recommend for any purchase ! Fast and easy. Great rates and prices!

    FuryShark was The Seller

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