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Greetings. Call me Sana.


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Personal background

Like many of you, I've played RuneScape for a very long time. I'm close to being a 15 year veteran now.

I played the game legit for a max cape in RS2, and still use that same account in OSRS today (2k+ total working on max).

Throughout my RuneScape journey, I've gained a lot of new skills. One of those skills are computer programming.

After maxing on RS2 when I was 17, I started learning to code and do other interesting things on a site called HackForums.

Fast forward a little over half a decade, I've consulted as a Software Engineer for government and industry ever since I got my first full-time job offer around 18 years old.


Why I came to OSBot

After recently launching a digital payment gateway for online businesses, I wanted another challenge.

I had been thinking a lot AI and machine learning, and their implications. Naturally, I wondered if there was a way to make a bot that can emulate my behavior through the use of those technologies. And there is! It's called AlphaGo.

Unfortunately, AlphaGo was not designed for RuneScape. But I thought to myself, "If AlphaGo did this for DOTA 2, then in theory it can be done for other games, right?".

It was a moment of eureka. The idea of a bot that learns from your (or all players) playing style and emulates them seemed incredible to me. And I'm not talking about fake anti-ban solutions like human mouse movements that aren't based on actual human mouse movement data. I'm talking about a client that records you playing, learns from you, and later when faced in front of the same task it will use what is learned from your data to achieve the same goal. 

Moreover, it is certain that JaGeX collects mouse and other hardware/system data. They state it clearly in their privacy policy. I've seen threads with people arguing about this fact over and over, no one seems to know how to read. Just search for "Technical Data" and it'll be the first result; they literally tell you every bit of data they collect. This is why it's important for things like mouse movements to be highly accurate and not just guesses.

So, this is what I'm building. It's a large task, but I spent the past two years building a digital payment gateway on the blockchain and had to learn all that from scratch, so this project is right up my alley in terms of volume of work. I also have a lot of recent professional machine learning experience, so that'll be a plus as well.

Feel free to compete with me or work on your own similar product if you find it interesting, that's why I shared it you all; competition is good for the ecosystem. I'm sure some have already started working on things like this, but what I'm building here will be the panacea, there is no question about it.

Thanks and good luck! You should be hearing from me in the coming months.


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